It's here! Poland's first marijuana cookbook!


It's here! Poland's first marijuana cookbook!

Today launches the sale of a book entitled "Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen", which comprehensively describes the properties and use of hemp for culinary purposes. The book contains 30 recipes for dishes with seeded hemp and 30 for dishes with cannabis (marijuana). These include recipes for base products and homemade hemp extracts, as well as recipes using it as an ingredient in dishes. In addition to recipes, the book contains theoretical information on the properties of hemp and its effects on the human body. The author of the book, Malgorzata Shakula, touches on the aspect of using hemp for preventive, medical and recreational purposes.

Who is this book for?

It is a handbook for both amateurs and enthusiasts of hemp and a healthy lifestyle. It introduces the reader to the world of this unique plant by explaining the basic differences between seeded and cannabis, revealing to him the great potential of its use, and finally, presenting the multitude of culinary applications of the various parts of the plant. As such, it is a suitable position for medical marijuana patients, recreational users, chefs or dispensary owners alike.

Chapter IV was written with medical marijuana patients in mind

The cannabis part of the book is dedicated to medical marijuana patients, who still cannot count on medical extracts from dried medical marijuana available in Polish pharmacies. Patients will find in the book a comprehensive guide to the process of processing medical cannabis dried, preparing homemade extracts based on it and then using them in meals. The book includes several different recipes for cannabis extracts (for example, in oil, alcohol or milk), information on how to calculate the potency of the extract and the final dose of THC contained in the meal, as well as how to use them correctly when preparing meals.

What kind of recipes does the book contain?

The recipes in the book are suitable for people on various diets, and include vegan, vegetarian, paleo diet-compliant and gluten-free recipes. The dishes are varied and quite sophisticated, recreational users will also find something for themselves. The meals in the "Marijuana in the Kitchen" chapter are also suitable for serving medical marijuana patients, as they have been composed to not only increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids but also provide other active substances.

Sample recipes found in the book:

  • Beef meatballs with lemongrass and hemp seeds
  • Vegan hemp cheesecake with matcha
  • Hemp chocolate cream for bread with CBD
  • Vegan milkshake with coffee liqueur, banana and cannabis tincture
  • Chocolate shortbread cookies with pecan and cannabis butter
  • Risotto with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, white wine with cannabis spice

What else can be found in the book?

In addition to recipes, the item contains a large dose of knowledge based on current scientific research on the properties of cannabis and cannabis seeds, addresses the aspect of using cannabis for preventive, medical and recreational purposes. It presents a wide spectrum of nutritional and medicinal substances contained in hemp and explains the mechanism of their action on the human body.

What does the book look like and how can it be purchased?

The author of the book is a hemp activist and infuencer, Malgorzata Shakula, known for her project Hemp in the Kitchen, who runs the Smiling Spoon blog. The book will be available in B5 format, in hardcover, after February 1, 2021, at which time it is scheduled for release. The book will be available for purchase earlier, starting December 16, in a pre-release sale on the author's website Until the end of the year, it will be available at a promotional price of -50% off the retail price. After the launch, the book will be available at selected bookstores and outlets nationwide.

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