Classic autoflowering cannabis varieties recommended for outdoor use


Classic autoflowering cannabis varieties recommended for outdoor use

Autoflowering cannabis varieties (known as automatics) are a great choice for outdoor cultivation in the Central European kimat. Now the gentlemen of Pan Pestka Crew have prepared for you some very classic strains such as White Widow, Amnesia and Skunk #1 autoflowering versions, among others.

classic autoflowering cannabis varieties recommended for outdoor use

Cannabis varieties that flower regardless of the photoperiod are called automatics, their main feature being the fact that they bloom a few weeks after the plant germinates, regardless of the day/night ratio. Classic varieties, called seasonal, unlike automatics, need a sufficiently long night to bloom, a trait called photoperiodism.

Unfortunately, in central Europe, due to weather conditions, most classic cannabis varieties that will do well indoors will not do well under the sun.

The gentlemen of Pan Pestka Crew decided to make it easier for fans of classic strains who want to be self-sufficient in weed. Here's what they've prepared:

Auto White Widow

White Widow to perhaps one of the most famous strains not only in Europe. This legendary hybrid debuted in 1990 and took all Amsterdam coffeshops by storm, where you'll still buy it today. It won the Cannabis Cup in 1995 WW, and is known for its above-average resin production. The plants are not very large and have a relatively high resistance to mold. In medicinal applications, it will be great for analgesia, relaxation, spasticity and sleep. Auto White Widow is ready to harvest in less than ten weeks after germination.

Auto Amnesia XXL

Another classic is Amnesia XXL in autoflowering version. This legendary strain is a cross of various strains, including Thai, Hawaiian and Afghani, among others. It is a very potent sativa that medically will be great for lack of appetite and permanent stress, and has an energizing and stimulating effect. Auto Amnesia XXL produces very high yields with great sativa quality, Mr. Pest Crew considers this strain as one of its flagships.

Auto Skunk #1

Another classic that every cannabis enthusiast knows is Skunk #1, one of the most important cannabis strains ever created. Its name comes from the very strong aroma of this strain. It is an indica-dominant hybrid. Auto Skunk #1 produces rather large flowers that have the typical effects of indica-dominant strains. It exhibits analgesic effects, and will work well for sleep problems. The autoflowering version of Skunk #1 is a must-have item for any enthusiast.

Auto Grapefruit

The autoflowering version of Grapefruit is another very strong item from Pan Pestka Crew. A very productive strain with indica dominant genes, an amazing fruity aroma and a strong effect, which is ready to cut in 65 days - this is how Grapefruit Auto can be described in a few words. A great choice for novice gardeners, it gives a sizable yield in a short period of time. It will work great as a painkiller and sleeping aid. This is one of the varieties that requires more from the user than from the gardener.

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The text is informative and educational and is intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of non-fiber hemp in Poland is prohibited and not encouraged.