Cannabis seeds with the highest CBD content


Cannabis seeds with the highest CBD content

Medical marijuana therapy is one of the most talked about topics among patients with all kinds of conditions - and with it comes questions about the highest CBD content marijuana seeds.

The list of diseases for which CBD therapy is effective is growing from study to study - epilepsy, Chron's disease, fibromalagia, schizophrenia, stress, insomnia, alzhaimer's, chronic pain, muscle tension, drug-resistant diseases and finally leukemia and other cancers, and as recent studies indicate, even diabetes.

All these diseases can be effectively treated with medical marijuana therapy.

Governments around the world could no longer be indifferent to the voices of their citizens. Legal in the USA, legal in Germany and finally legal in Poland. Demonized for years, until it finally became available. Medical marijuana, and with it marijuana seeds with the highest CBD content.

Although medical marijuana will be imported to Poland from foreign producers and strictly controlled, has prepared for you a list of the best medical varieties - marijuana seeds with the highest CBD content.

Remember that hemp oils containing cbd are also legal. - TOP5 - cannabis seeds with the highest CBD content

#1 - CBD Therapy - CBD Crew - THC: 0,5% CBD: 8-12%

CBD Therapy

If cannabis seeds with the highest CBD content then CBD Crew and their long awaited low THC and high CBD strain comes right up.

CBD Therapy cannabis seeds were developed over 4 years from crosses of some of the best plants in the world.

Fully laboratory tested in the USA - Ther Wercship, and Europe - Canna Foundation. They show incredible medical potential.

This is one of the first strains of its kind in the world - designed specifically for patients who want to minimise the psychoactive effects of cannabis and reap its full therapeutic benefits.

The THC to CBD ratio ranges from 1:2 to 1:20, an absolute record on the market.

This revolutionary strain is easy to grow, making it suitable for beginner growers who have never experienced marijuana before.

It is great for treating Dravet syndrome, Crohn's fibromyalgia, various inflammatory conditions, depression, epilepsy, anxiety, stress and muscle tension. These are the perfect cannabis seeds for those looking for true medicine in cannabis. Sweet and truffle-like in flavor.

#2 - Dinamed - Dinafem Seeds - THC: 0.5 CBD: 10-14%


Internationally recognized Dinafem Seeds is not only a classic cannabis seed, but also a cannabis seed with the highest CBD content.

Dinamed CBD from Dinafem are cannabis seeds obtained from a cross of carefully selected Pure CBD 4 medical strains.

This is another purely medical variety with THC levels of less than 0.5% so there is no psychoactive effect, and CBD levels of up to 14% so patients can enjoy the full medical benefits of the plant.

It is great for stress relief, nausea, inflammation and muscle tension, epilepsy, seizures and many other conditions and diseases.

It is a Sativa dominant strain, with numerous branches that are covered with dense tops covered in a thick layer of medicinal resin.

With its wonderful orange-citrus flavour it defies the theory that medicine is bad.

#3 - Purple Orange CBD - Dinafem Seeds - THC: 5% CBD: 11%

Purple Orange CBD

Purple Orange CBD from Dinafem Seeds is a feminized marijuana seed derived from backcrosses of California Orange Diesel.

This is perfect for those looking for a strain with high CBD levels and low THC levels.

Purple Orange CBD will be great for relieving anxiety, stress, appetite problems and muscle tension.

Additionally, it is an extremely pretty plant that takes on attractive shades of purple.

It develops numerous branches that are covered in dense tops with a sweet citrus aroma, and an orange and lemon flavour with hints of chocolate.

Balanced levels of THC and CBD allow for full therapeutic potential without strong psychoactive effects.

#4 - OG Kush CBD - Dinafem Seeds - THC: 7% CBD: 14%

OG Kush Auto CBD

OG Kush Auto CBD is an autoflowering marijuana seed derived from a cross between OG Kush Auto and CBD Auto. It is an autoflowering and CBD rich version of the world famous OG Kush.

Tall and spread out plants with lots of branching, they are covered with dense, colourful and shiny tops.

The flavour is distinct and intense, characteristically lemony with a hint of diesel, reminiscent of the taste that has captured the hearts of growers around the world.

Its high CBD content makes it great for medicinal use, and the psychoactive effects are mild thanks to its low THC levels.

#5 - Auto Blue Ace CBD - Delicious Seeds - THC: 7% CBD: 7-15%

Auto Blue Ace CBD

Auto Blue Ace CBD from Delicious Seeds is the result of years of work by an experienced team on a plant with low THC and high CBD - a cross between La Diva and Carmen Auto.

The resulting autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds are excellent for medicinal use.

This is a fairly tall plant that produces numerous resinous and dense tops.

It is extremely subtle in taste and smell, perfect for more discreet grows.

The THC to CBD ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:2, allowing you to enjoy its full therapeutic potential without excessive psychoactive effects.

It is ideal for pain relief, sedation, overcoming chronic stress and the greatest nervousness.

Welcome to - and your choice of the best cannabis seeds available on the market.