Police have dismantled a cannabis crop located in a... tree


Police have dismantled a cannabis crop located in a... tree

Police dismantled the cannabis cultivation, which was organized 6 meters above the ground, on a tree, specifically a willow tree. Unfortunately, the whole thing was poorly camouflaged, and the cultivation was noticed and reported to the services. Where did such an idea come from and does growing on trees even make sense?

Police liquidated a cannabis crop located in a tree

Police officers from the Criminal Department of the Busko-Zdrój Police Station (Busko-Zdrój) received information that in a village in the Stopnica municipality, there is an illegal cultivation of cannabis.

Last Friday, the officers went to the indicated location. Upon arriving at the site, they noticed a willow tree, on which containers were placed about 6 meters above the ground, in which the cannabis plants were growing. There were 8 hemp bushes growing in two containers acting as pots. The plants were in various stages of growth and measured from 100 to 220 centimeters in height. The secured bushes were taken to the police station and will be taken to the police laboratory, where they will be tested at taxpayers' expense to determine whether they are non-fiber hemp. This is completely pointless since the organizers of the "willow" type of high-altitude cultivation have not been identified.

Growing hemp in a tree

Reports of eradicated crops housed in trees appear every year. Does such an operation even make sense?

Organizers of this type of cultivation usually have one reason why they chose this option - it seems to be discreet. And there may indeed be something in it, but in order to camouflage such cultivation one has to work hard - just as in the case of cultivation on the ground. Organization and operation of such a garden is, of course, quite difficult.

In some places on earth (e.g. the USA) there are growers who arrange crops high in the treetops even tens of meters above the ground, in order, as they claim, to provide plants with as much light as possible, which is scarce in forested areas, and at the same time camouflage the crop.

Source: Swietokrzyskie police