Weed Fest 2021 hemp fair coming up this weekend


Weed Fest 2021 hemp fair coming up this weekend

This coming weekend we would like to invite everyone to Warsaw for Weed Fest 2021. This will be the second edition of the event, which received a lot of positive feedback last year. Thirsty for events in a form other than online, we are convinced that this year will be even better. In addition to the booths of companies presenting their products at Weed Fest, there will be an opportunity to attend lectures and panels led by hemp experts. In addition to the opportunity to purchase CBD products or hemp seeds at discount prices or various bonuses from exhibitors, there will be the opportunity to attend the premiere of Serum a.k.a. TangiEro seeds signed by Ero JWP. It will be happening.

Weed Fest Warsaw hemp fair on June 12 and 13.

The growing popularity of the use of hemp seed not only in medicine and nutrition, but also in a variety of industries - from cosmetics to construction - is opening doors for entrepreneurs infected by a passion for the creative use of natural resources.
The properties of CBD oils are being discovered by numerous experts in the fields of medicine and cosmetology, as well as by online influencers. Hemp is becoming a recommended product in parenting and therapeutic circles due to its anti-anxiety, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The revolution in the approach to the use of cannabis is particularly evident at an event devoted entirely to the cannabis industry. Ahead is another edition of the festival that everyone will be talking about.

-write about Weed Fest its organizers.

Further, the press release reads:

In the next installment of WeedFest Warsaw Festival 2021, the organizer has prepared - in addition to the anticipated educational values - new attractions that will be especially memorable for the male participants. In the upcoming edition, the presentation of the title of Miss and Vice Miss Weed Festival will await the participants. Candidates for the title of Miss WeedFest can apply via Facebook - voting will also take place there. In future editions, we also expect the election of Mister WeedFest.

Serum a.k.a. TangiEro premiered at WeedFest

During the first day of the event, moments after 3 pm, the central stage will host Ero JWP, who will premiere cannabis seeds signed with his nickname - Serum a.k.a. TangiEro. This will be the first opportunity to purchase these very noble seeds and at a promotional price. You can read more about the TangiEro project on T U T A J.

The event will take place in Warsaw at the Jabłkowscy Brothers Department Store, 25 Bracka Street.

For more information, visit www.weedfest.pl

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