Wroclaw: German citizens detained for dried CBD, claim they were humiliated


Wroclaw: German citizens detained for dried CBD, claim they were humiliated

Two German students who came to Wroclaw were arrested on suspicion of drug possession. When officers asked the tourists if they possessed drugs, they were told in response that they were only carrying cannabis dried, purchased legally from one of the vending machines in the city. The German citizens were detained for more than 24 hours. They claim they were humiliated, with officers ordering them to, among other things, undress and do squats, with one of the policemen allegedly chanting "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" in the process. The KO MP notified the prosecutor's office in this case. Here is more information.

In the pages of Gazeta Wyborcza, Urszula Glensk, a professor at the University of Wroclaw, described the story of a group of German students who were spending a weekend in Wroclaw in mid-July. When they left one of the clubs after partying all night, they found themselves surrounded by police.

According to Urszula Glensk, privately the aunt of one of the detainees, the officers began asking the young people about drugs. One of them was about to admit that he was carrying dried cannabis purchased legally in Poland from one of the vending machines located in the city. That's when police officers handcuffed him and the other tourist, with whom they allegedly found crumbs of ecstasy pills. The students were pushed into a police car, where they were reviewed and then taken to the police station on Trzemeska Street.

Prof. Glensk, based on reports from the detainees, told Gazeta Wyborcza that at the police station, eight uniformed officers ordered the detainees, stripped naked, to do squats. The students claim they were humiliated and one officer was said to have chanted "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles," one of them claims to have been subjected to an intimate search in a small, dark and secluded room. They spent 35 hours at the police station. They say they were measured with guns. For dried CBD and alleged crumbs of ecstasy pills.

German citizens detained - police say they have nothing to blame

As in most such cases - the police maintain that everything took place in accordance with procedures, and describe articles on the subject as "unreliable."

There was a reasonable suspicion of a crime against both men, both of whom, as it turned out, were German nationals, specifically drug possession. The men were detained and brought to a police unit, of which the German consulate was immediately notified. After performing the necessary preliminary measures, a check of the persons was carried out in accordance with and pursuant to para. 5 para. 2 of the rules and regulations for the stay of persons placed in police detention rooms

-Lukasz Dutkowiak, spokesman for the Wroclaw police.

I was taken to a darkened room. I was threatened with a gun. I was ordered to strip naked and squat several times with my arms outstretched. I was denied an interpreter and ordered to sign letters I did not understand

-reports one of the detainees

Notice to the prosecutor's office

MP Krzysztof Mieszkowski (Civic Coalition) has filed a notice to the District Prosecutor's Office in Wroclaw-Stare Miasto about the possibility of committing a crime by the police officers involved in the detention of the German students. In his justification, Mieszkowski writes about the violence, aggression and inexperience of the Lower Silesian police, as well as overstepping their authority against citizens, resulting in a loss of trust in uniformed officers.

Humiliating people is not the role of the Polish police. The Polish police are committed to respecting the dignity of every human being, regardless of whether they are perpetrators, witnesses, suspects or convicted of committing an act. Human dignity is the highest value," the KO MP wrote, and noted that he expects law enforcement "to take all possible measures to prosecute the crimes described in this notice

-the MP wrote

Once again, the Polish police have shown a lack of professionalism and preparation to perform their function properly. Once again, situations are taking place at the police station on Trzemeska Street in Wroclaw that should never have happened. Once again, officers from Trzemeska show that they are more torturers than guardians of law and order.