Czech Republic changes law, up to 1% THC in fiber hemp and big changes in medical marijuana cultivation


Czech Republic changes law, up to 1% THC in fiber hemp and big changes in medical marijuana cultivation

In yesterday's vote, Czech MPs finally passed amendments to the Narcotics Act that had already been proposed several months ago. The most important changes are an increase in the limit of THC in fiber hemp and hemp products to 1%, as well as new regulations for growing marijuana for medical purposes, which remove the requirement for expensive certificates. Here's more information.

Czech Republic: 1% THC in fiber hemp and hemp products, and big changes to medical marijuana cultivation

Amendments to the Czech Narcotic Drugs Act, submitted by the Pirate Party several months ago, were finally adopted during yesterday's vote on the issue. Czech cannabis media reports that the road to the goal was not easy, with some Czech senators making it much more difficult. However, despite the adversity, the Pirate Party got the legislation changed for the better.

I am very pleased that we received today more than the required 101 votes FOR. So the amendment was passed in the best possible form (at least in relation to current political realities). Many thanks to my esteemed colleague Radek Holomčík, who has been paving the way for the success of the Agriculture Committee for more than a year. PS and the Ministry of Agriculture.

I also thank everyone who participated in the preparation of our proposals. There are many of you, so I won't name them, but all the more thank you!

-wrote Tomáš Vymazal, MP of the Czech Republic and member of the Pirate Party, on

Here are the most important changes in the Czech legislation, which will take effect on January 1, 2022:

-The limit of THC content in fiber hemp will be increased to 1%. Farmers will therefore not have to worry about criminalization due to nice weather and other conditions favorable to cultivation, and thus higher concentrations of cannabinoids.

-Farmers growing fiber hemp from the European catalog will not have to prove the THC content in their plants. They will only need to present a certificate of origin for the seeds.

-With more financially and administratively accessible licenses, even ordinary entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to participate in the production of marijuana for medical use.

-Removing the need for a certificate of good manufacturing practices (GMP), which is very expensive.

-By allowing more entities to extract cannabis for medical use, the range of forms and dosages for cannabis patients will be greatly expanded.

-All cannabis extracts that have a THC content of up to 1% by weight and that at the same time have no intoxicating effect will be completely exempted from the intoxicating substance regime. This means that, for example, an ointment made from a non-narcotic variety of hemp (CBD ointment) will not be treated as an intoxicating substance, even though it contains THC and even though the original hemp plant may exceed 1% THC. By diluting the active substances during the production of the ointment, an "extract" is created, which will not be an intoxicating substance under the law.

Recall that at the moment, according to Polish law, any product containing more than 0.2% THC is considered a drug, even if it does not have intoxicating properties.

We congratulate the Czechs on their progress and look forward to changes in our backyard as well!