Hemp leaf - the most characteristic part of the plant and its culinary uses!


Hemp leaf - the most characteristic part of the plant and its culinary uses!

For some, it is a symbol of freedom and free access to the plant. For others, it inspires fear or provokes laughter. The sight of a green hemp leaf usually evokes emotions, the problem is that not only positive ones. Negative attitudes can be linked to a lack of knowledge and prejudice, the result of years of indoctrination about hemp. The way to change them may be through education or direct contact with this raw material and using it in the kitchen! "De-legitimizing hemp through cooking" - this is the solution promoted by the author of the "Hemp in the Kitchen" project - blogger Smiling Spoon. During her upcoming cooking workshop, participants will prepare dishes with hemp products, including fresh leaves.

The public's awareness of hemp, its properties and its use in cooking continues to grow, unfortunately, further by many people this plant is perceived as harmful, which is why it is so important to de-stigmatize the stereotypes associated with hemp. Education is an important part of combating people's negative attitudes towards the plant, but it is much more effective to come into contact with it, tasting hemp products, testing them on yourself, preparing dishes with them and treating your loved ones. "In this way it will be easier to convince others that hemp is a safe and very healthy plant, which used to be widely cultivated on Polish soil," - the blogger suggests. The next autumn edition of her online cooking workshop will take place on October 16, with the theme of using the raw material hemp leaves in cooking. Her blog smilingspoon.pl is the first culinary blog in Poland dedicated to hemp cuisine, and she is also the author of hemp culinary books, including the recently published "Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen."

Participation in the event is not only an opportunity to deepen practical skills in cooking with hemp, in addition to the workshop part there will also be an hour-long lecture on the properties of hemp and its impact on the human body. The whole event is held in an intimate group of up to 15 people, an atmosphere of mutual exchange of experiences and, above all, great fun.

Pesto from hemp leaves, leaves fried in batter. What other dishes will the workshop participants prepare?

The autumn edition, due to the hemp harvest period, puts the emphasis on the use of hemp leaves, this will be the main theme of the workshop, but this does not mean that the recipes will be monotonous. During the workshop, participants will also learn how to prepare homemade inflorescence extracts, in this edition it will be CBD / THC infused milk, which will then be used in a recipe for hemp milk caramel pudding.

In addition to this, participants will also learn about the culinary potential of hemp food, a prelude to which will be learning how to prepare hemp dairy: milk and yogurt. Of the lunch dishes, participants will prepare hemp pancakes with vegan salmon, capers and hemp leaf pesto. The whole adventure will be rounded off with delicious power balls with hemp protein, which are sure to pleasantly stimulate the taste buds. There will be a total of 8 recipes involving hemp.

Why take part in the workshop?

Because it is a unique opportunity to gain new practical and theoretical knowledge from a person who has been dealing with the subject for many years, well, and to take part in the first such workshop organized in Poland. In the price of the workshop, people also receive books by the author and a set of unique hemp products, needed for the preparation of dishes, from the Full Spectrum brand. The set includes, among others, shelled hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp protein, 5g of dried CBD, hemp tea and raw hemp leaves. The workshop gives participants a unique package of knowledge and experience, as well as the tools to deepen them and continue their adventure in hemp cooking.

If you are a fan of hemp cuisine, but lack the confidence and factual basis, or if you are looking for interesting and healthy culinary inspiration, or maybe you have no idea about hemp and want to learn basic information about the plant and its processing in the kitchen? In either case, you will certainly not be disappointed in attending this workshop. In addition, it will be a great opportunity to explore new flavors and test the effects of hemp on yourself.

You can findmore information about this event here.