TOP 6 WORKSHOPS in the world of legal marijuana


TOP 6 WORKSHOPS in the world of legal marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has caused a real revolution in the industry there. The marijuana market is growing at a frenetic pace and is still insatiable. The specific product that is marijuana requires appropriately skilled workers in a variety of positions. What new positions are being advertised? Let's take a little closer look at the local job market.

1- Security Expert

Marijuana is an extremely valuable commodity; in order to protect their property, dispensary owners must secure the building to strict standards. Security is most often overseen by a person specifically qualified to do so - a security expert. This is not an entirely new position, however, the growing number of clinics has created a much higher demand for experts in this field.

2- Top pruner

This position requires a great deal of self-denial and learning the right technique. As part of their duties, a pruner separates valuable goods from useless leaves. The hourly rate of pay ranges from $12 to $15. Converting the hourly rate into Polish zloty gives a decent salary. What is more, this position gives opportunities for promotion to more prestigious positions.

3- Curing specialist

Experienced marijuana growers are needed at almost all stages of production. No machine can replace a person who has acquired their knowledge of cannabis over many years. Curing is essential for the decarboxylation of marijuana. When done correctly, decarboxylation provides the right amount of moisture to the cannabis, giving it more potency and a thicker smoke.

4- Grower

One of the most important jobs in the entire cannabis industry. If it were not for the growers there would be no weed, but remember that thanks to the cooperation of workers at different levels we get the final product. The duties of a grower are of course taking care of the plants, mixing different strains and all other activities connected with the care of the bushes. This position remains extremely prestigious in the legal cannabis industry. According to some sources and estimates the annual income of a grower can be as high as $250,000. A huge responsibility is rewarded with an equally huge amount of money.

5- Hash maker

This is another job that requires the right knowledge and experience. Hash makers extract pure THC from cannabis. Many different products on the market such as medicines require THC in its pure form.

6- Budtender

Just like in the world of alcohol, there are people in the cannabis culture who give advice on which strains to choose. Budtender is a real treasure trove of cannabis knowledge. Are you looking for a weaker or slightly stronger strain? Or maybe the newest stuff you've never tried before? All your questions and doubts in this matter will be solved by budtender

Huge industry - huge number of employees

As we can see, the variety of positions remains huge - from a "regular" law enforcement officer to a professional working in a lab. The marijuana cultivation industry employs people from almost every field - scientists, doctors, lawyers and lobbyists. It only remains to be seen what new professions will emerge with legalization in more states across America!