France has outlawed dried CBD for consumers


France has outlawed dried CBD for consumers

Based on a decree issued on 31/12/2021, France has outlawed dried CBD for consumers! The ban does not apply to hemp businesses or farmers, but they can only possess dried CBD for further processing, such as into oils. The ban only applies to consumers, who have not been allowed to legally possess or consume dried fibrous hemp since the beginning of the year. How does the French government argue this decision? Here's more information.

France has outlawed dried CBD for consumers

Derived from fibrous hemp, dried CBD is very popular in France. It is estimated that 70% of CBD consumers choose dried CBD.

However, a government decree on the last day of last year stipulates that the sale of hemp flowers or leaves-for smoking or drinking as tea directly to consumers-is now banned.

The French Green Party commented on the new regulations banning the sale of CBD flowers and leaves, calling the decision "stupid and absurd" and "the worst kind of nonsense" and "a real New Year's gift to dealers."

According to the new regulations, only the cultivation, import, export and industrial and commercial use of Cannabis sativa L. varieties are allowed. Products that do not contain plant elements will be treated as before.

Interestingly, the decree simultaneously raises the permissible level of THC in cultivated plants from 0.2 to 0.3%.

The government maintains that the decree was issued to help public health. The second reason is to help the police, who may find it difficult to distinguish between CBD and THC. t since officers cannot distinguish between a legal product and a banned one - it was decided to outlaw the legal one as well, despite the lack of any rationale for such a decision.

However, the new legislation has provoked harsh criticism from the Green Party in France (Europe Écologie les Verts, EELV).

Presidential candidate, environmentalist Yannick Jadot, directed words of support to CBD sellers and producers on January 4, as many of them will now have to get rid of their stocks.

On Twitter, he wrote:

CBD: the government demonstrates absolute ignorance on the subject, it is ineffective and dangerous policy of repression of hemp.

Politicians and commentators are sounding the alarm that such a measure is a gift to street dealers - as much as it sounds, they will now deal in dried CBD. As a result, people wishing to purchase completely non-psychotropic dried cannabis seeds will have to deal with a dealer, who, by the way, will certainly offer something stronger.

Thousands of stores will go bankrupt, the economy will lose 400 million euros in turnover, and consumers will go to foreign online stores or, worse, to the black market

-said François-Michel Lambert, eco-deputy, chairman of the Liberté Écologie Fraternité party and founder of local economic group l'Institut national de l'économie circulaire

After which he added:

2022, a year without flowers, an idiotic year

In 2020, the French government banned the import of CBD which the Court of Justice of the European Union declared illegal, you can read more about it T U T A J