Medical drought Aurora 8/8 starting next week for purchase in pharmacies


Medical drought Aurora 8/8 starting next week for purchase in pharmacies

Many patients using cannabis have been waiting for this news. Aurora 8/8 will be available in pharmacies starting next week. It is the first dried cannabis available in pharmacies with a balanced concentration of THC and CBD, which is 8% for both cannabinoids. We know what amount of the dry will hit the Polish market. Here is more information.

Cannabis Flos Aurora 8/8 medical dried cannabis available for purchase in pharmacies starting next week

Medical marijuana with a balanced ratio of CBD to THC will hit our market for the first time. Until now, only dries with a dominant THC content of 19-22% with a negligible CBD content, which is usually less than 1%, have been available.

How does the new dry differ from those available so far? First of all, it is far less psychotropic, meaning it is far less intoxicating. The second major difference is the larger spectrum of ailments it will help with - it is broader due to its content of not one active ingredient, but two - THC and CBD.

The range of action of this particular product, with this particular concentration of two cannabinoids, will have an effect that no other available product offers.

The hemp variety from which the raw material is produced is Equiposa™. It is an extremely balanced strain with effects characteristic of Sativa strains (energetic, uplifting) but with a less intoxicating effect. The strain has an earthy - pine aroma.

The price of the product will most likely be similar to that of Aurora's other two products and will be around 60-70 PLN per gram.

The dry will arrive in our country within 2-3 business days after which it will be distributed within 2 business days, this means that the dry in pharmacies should appear by Wednesday [next week (16.03.)

35.09 kg - that's exactly how much medical drought will reach the Polish market. The shipment is divided into 3 batches, which are 17.9 kg, 8.62 kg and 8.57 kg, respectively, and together they will go to wholesalers.

Information about the imminent availability of this product appeared online nearly two months ago. This was false information, which, in the shortest terms, resulted from a poor understanding of the information sent by pharmaceutical wholesalers to pharmacies and hemp clinics.