Donald Tusk on legalization of weed


Donald Tusk on legalization of weed

What does Donald Tusk think about legalizing weed? More than 12 years ago, as head of government at the time, he announced that if we want legalization we must elect another prime minister. He also declared that it was not his intention to imprison users, but dealers and producers. Recently, at a meeting with students of Lublin's UMCS, the question of legalization was again raised in the direction of the former head of the Council of Ministers. Here is what the former president of the European Council answered.

Donald Tusk on legalization of weed

12 years ago, as part of the fight against legal highs (lost, of course), it was repeatedly stated that in countries where the approach to marijuana is more liberal - legal highs are not such a huge problem. In our country, unfortunately, you can go to jail for marijuana, and at that time, as new substances, legal qualification of legal highs was not yet in place. Instead, they were easy to overdose and even short-term consumption could have fatal health consequences. However, their use was not initially associated with the risk of legal problems, so young people took them on a massive scale.

I will not advocate the legalization of soft drugs, end of story. If you want legalization of marijuana - choose another prime minister

- said Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the TVN24 program "Second Breakfast of Champions."

12 years later

A student at Lublin's Maria Curie-Sklodowska University recently decided to ask the same thing as part of their meeting with Donald Tusk.

I know that my view will not please many people, I am not in favor of legalizing drugs

- says the PO leader today, but also adds:

I am also not in favor of the fact that if someone has a joint or two grams with him, he should go to jail. That would be absurd. Punishing someone who is clearly not a dealer and not dealing in hard drugs seems to me to be a bad practice.

With the current government, there is no way that cannabis laws will be liberalized. It should be remembered that we are governed by the people who blocked with all their might the raising of the permissible concentration of THC in fiber hemp from 0.2 to 0.3%, arguing that "the risk of spreading a wave of drug addiction in the country," so you can see for yourself.

The only chance for change in this matter is a change of government. Here we should be clear, Poland is ruled by POPiS - either PO or PiS wins, and it is not likely that this two-party division will end.

Therefore, will the change of the ruling camp to PO allow for changes? We don't know, but we do know that it will be difficult to find other parties, which, like the current ruling right-wing party, do not even want to talk about the subject, and it is from talks that the change begins.