Zurich: Under study, city will allow legal recreational marijuana marketing


Zurich: Under study, city will allow legal recreational marijuana marketing

A program allowing the fully legal marketing of recreational cannabis is set to start in Zurich as early as next year. Launched under a law passed in 2020, the program is called "Züri Can, cannabis with responsibility," and will last 3.5 years. Organizers want to study the model of regulated cannabis marketing and its impact on users' health and consumption behavior. Here's more information.

Zurich: As part of the study, the city will allow legal marketing of recreational marijuana

The program, whose full name is "Züri Can, Cannabis with Responsibility," will start in the coming year. The study is made possible by a change in the law, which was introduced by the Swiss parliament in 2020. The law, introduced by the Swiss authorities, allows cities to conduct scientific research into recreational cannabis use and its effects, and to study the cannabis market.

The study is being overseen by the University of Zurich's psychiatric hospital, with the city organizing the study. A chain of pharmacies is also participating.

A statement issued jointly by the City of Zurich , a local pharmacy chain and the University of Zurich reads:

For years, the City of Zurich and the Zurich Psychiatric Clinic have been committed to taking an objective approach to cannabis use by treating it in a low-risk category. In mid-May 2021, amendments to the Narcotics Act went into effect that allow pilot testing for the regulated sale of cannabis. On this legal basis, the Zurich Psychiatric Clinic, in cooperation with the City of Zurich, wants to study models for the regulated purchase of cannabis and its impact on consumer health and consumption behavior.

The goal of the Zurich study is to provide relevant knowledge on the best possible use of cannabis. The study aims to promote public health, maintain public safety and support the protection of minors.

The dried product for the project will be produced in Switzerland by local operators. In order to ensure appropriate product quality standards, a company applying to produce the dried product will have to obtain a permit from the Federal Office of Public Health of Switzerland.

This is not the first news about planned recreational marijuana projects in Switzerland. Last year, we reported on a venture planned on a national scale, where participants will be able to legally purchase and consume marijuana. Legal cannabis marketing as part of the legalization experiment would start in 2022. You can read about it T U T AJ.