One of those accused of January assault on Capitol says he stormed because he was stoned


One of those accused of January assault on Capitol says he stormed because he was stoned

Every cannabis consumer knows the feeling when, after smoking a joint or a water pipe, the idea of launching an armed assault on government buildings pops into your head. A day like any other. Therefore, no one should be surprised by the line of defense of one of the defendants in the January assault on the Capitol, who maintains that he stormed government buildings because he was under the influence of a large amount of weed. Here's more information.

One of the defendants accused of the January assault on the Capitol claims he stormed because he was stoned

Robert Gieswein, a 24-year-old Colorado man who was one of the people who stormed the Capitol earlier this year, is currently in custody where he is awaiting trial. He faces charges including assaulting a police officer with pepper spray and a baseball bat during the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

Gieswein marching with the Proud Boys group and storming the Capitol was immortalized in many photos. He was dressed in paramilitary style, wearing a uniform, bulletproof vest, goggles and a combat helmet. Federal prosecutors accuse him of being one of the first participants in the riot on the Capitol grounds.

Gieswein's lawyer, recently filed a motion with the court to release him from custody. The lawyer argues his motion on the grounds that his client was too high on marijuana during the incident to be held accountable for his actions.

NBC4 Washington reported that the motion includes, among other things, that:

[on January 5, 2021] Gieswein was at Freedom Plaza with other Trump supporters. He was approached by a man with a video camera, who engaged him in conversation. He had just smoked a significant amount of marijuana, and his intoxication was recognizable by his dilated pupils and smile, as well as in the rambling comments that followed. When asked why he had come, he said "to keep President Trump [in power - ed. note]."

Interestingly, the defense attorney's motion shows that the defendant used marijuana the day before, i.e. on Jan. 5. On the other hand, he was supposed to consume so much of it that he was intoxicated until storming the Capitol a day later.

It's unclear what the lawyer was hoping for when he filed the motion with such a foolhardy and unrealistic justification. It's very possible that he was counting on the fact that the judge hearing the writ doesn't have a clue about cannabis, and perhaps he will believe this nonsense dating back to the days of deep Prohibition in the US when the cannabis issue was dominated by Anslinger's propaganda on the level of that currently on TVP.

To be clear - cannabis does not cause aggression, on the contrary, it has a calming effect, and the higher the dose, the less capable the user is of any aggression.

Of course, there were a lot of comments on the web ridiculing this how nonsense argumentation of the application for release from custody.

After weed, I feel like forming a band rather than presume assault.


The only thing I feel like storming after a joint is the refrigerator.

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