WeedFest 2022 hemp fair coming up May 28 and 29


WeedFest 2022 hemp fair coming up May 28 and 29

The WeedFest hemp fair will once again make its home in Warsaw. This year it will be the last weekend of May - 28 and 29.V. This will be the 3rd edition of this hemp event hosted in the very center of our capital. Jabłkowscy Brothers Department Store has already made a permanent mark on the map of the hemp community as a place that hosts the best hemp event in Poland. The third edition of WeedFest is a triple power of hemp attractions arranged this year on three floors of elegant interiors. Here's more information.

WeedFest 2022 Hemp Fair.

This year will be held on three floors and with even more attractions. After the brilliantly run two previous editions of the hemp fair. WeedFest Warsaw is back again, and with a triple force.

The organizers have provided for visitors, as many as three levels of hemp attractions. We will be able to see a lot more fiber hemp products. Oils and dries for CBD and CBG lovers, various types of hemp cosmetics or clothes, which have been gaining a lot of popularity lately due to their eco-friendly nature. But that's not all, of course.

For our four-legged pets, exhibitors have prepared a special range of oils designed especially for our beloved pets.

At WeedFest '22 you will find three zones. On the first floor, the "MainZone" which is the heart of the fair with many hemp products, from various industries including cosmetics, oils, dries and even scented candles. On the second floor you will find, among other things, the ChilloutZone where, in addition to the many exhibitors, you will be able to relax on a specially prepared beach for event participants. On the next floor you will find the heart of the educational part of the event, the stage where numerous lectures and panel discussions will take place. The educational zone of WeedFest '22 will be combined with a training zone for growers, as well as a PressZone prepared especially for the media in order to quietly, among other things, allow interviews with invited guests and speakers.

Of course, there will also be a food and beverage area located by the beach. Also, get ready for drinks and food at the WeedFest beach already on the last weekend of May!

The previous two editions of WeedFest Warsaw were a great opportunity for both Polish and foreign brands to promote their hemp products. In previous years, we could find at WeedFest hemp chocolate products, hemp candies and even Thai ice cream with CBD, among others, which generated a lot of interest from visitors. And they were great. This year there will certainly be no shortage of similar sweets.

During the previous edition of WeedFest, Miss and Vice Miss of the fair were chosen for the first time at this type of event. This year, the organizers anticipate to choose the winners of the fair sex again, but they also go a step further and have foreseen a contest for the Mister WeedFest '22. All the details of the contest and terms of participation for Miss and Mister WeedFest Warsaw Festival can be found T U T A J.

However, the attractions do not end there. The organizers of the hemp event will again be the first in Poland to hold a contest, but this time for dried hemp producers under the title The Hemp Cup by WeedFest. For the first time in Poland, a prize will be awarded for the best dried hemp. A jury of experts in their field will evaluate the various quality-determining features of the droughts entered in the competition. As part of The Hemp Cup, an "audience award" has also been provided by the organizer. In this case, anyone over the age of 18 can become a juror. All you have to do is register on the organizer's website and express your desire to take part in the tests, and later submit your feelings and evaluation to the contest organizers on a special form. The number of packages for the public is severely limited, so it is better not to wait until the last minute but to register today at www.weedfest.pl/pl/the-hempcup Only adults can participate.

Of course, competitions for participants and producers are not everything, the organizers also could not forget about education during such events. This year at WeedFest Warsaw we will be able to listen to very interesting lectures related to the use of hemp in industry, medicine or training for people involved in or wishing to engage in the cultivation of hemp. Representatives of the uniformed services, as well as politicians, have been invited to the event.

So, like us, reserve May 28 and 29 in your calendars for the best hemp event in Poland!

Tickets and more info can be found T U T A J.