Mangoes and marijuana - an explosive combination?


Mangoes and marijuana - an explosive combination?

Can the widely available and so innocent looking mango really enhance the effects of marijuana? If so, how can this effect be achieved and will every smoker experience similar effects?

Mangoes are familiar to all of us, whether from the supermarket, the market, or traveling, and virtually everyone has eaten at least one in their lifetime. The fruit has received little attention from scientists and marijuana users alike. However, this may change in the future, as according to current research, mangoes contain chemicals that can significantly improve the experience of smoking marijuana. Not only are they supposed to intensify the sense of euphoria, but they should also prolong that state of mind.


Why it happens.

The effect is created through a chemical reaction in the body. Like cannabis, mangoes contain myrcene, one of the terpenes present in many cannabis strains, which ensures that psychoactive substances are transported via the bloodstream to the brain. If this chemical compound is present in higher concentrations, more substances can automatically be transported, which means in practice that cannabis can have a more potent effect.


For whom.

How long before consuming cannabis a person should eat mango is an individual matter and depends on the metabolism of the user. For people with a fast metabolism, mangoes should be consumed about 60 minutes before lighting up, and this period increases to 90 minutes if the digestive system is slow. This time should be sufficient for the body to be able to absorb all the substances from the fruit. In addition, people with a fast metabolism can eat more mangoes, as their body can break down the ingredients faster. The properties of mangoes should especially interest smokers who have already developed a very high tolerance to marijuana.

To achieve the desired results, do not consume several fruits at once! Adding mangoes to cocktails has the same effect. Even more important here than the quantity is the freshness of the mango - the younger, the better.