How to make marijuana liquid?


How to make marijuana liquid?

Cannabis liquids and vaporizers have not become famous over the past few years for no reason. Vaporizing is a discreet and probably the healthiest way to take cannabis. It's not hard to make your own liquid, and the advantage of doing so is that you can decide on the strength and flavor yourself.

What do you need?

Before you start making your cannabis essence, make sure you have the following things:

    Propylene glycol - you can buy this on a popular auction site and it costs around £20 per litre Cannabis - the recommended dose of cannabis is 6 grams, but you can use more or less depending on what concentration you want. Make sure you use good quality cannabis! High proof grain alcohol Jar or other heatproof and narrow vessel 5ml dropper bottles Tight weave fabric (for filtration) Baking tray and aluminium foil Kitchen pot and oven

How to make marijuana liquid?

The first step is decarboxylation. Don't skip this step! It's really important. The chemical process that occurs when marijuana is burned does not occur in vaporization because the temperature is not high enough. So this step is needed to make sure that the THC will be activated.

Finely chop the tops. Next, place aluminum foil on a baking sheet, spread out the buds and put them in an oven preheated to 100oC for about 15 minutes. After this time they will be dry and probably slightly brown.

Place your decarboxylated tops in one of the jars. Fill it with high quality grain alcohol until the tops are completely covered with liquid.

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Pour about 10 cm of water in a pot and put the jar in it. Turn the burner on high and wait until the water starts to boil. Run the range hood or open a window. You want to evaporate some alcohol in this step, so it's a good idea to protect yourself from it - especially your eyes and respiratory tract. Constantly stir the cannabis during this process. The mixture in the jar will get darker and darker as you continue to vaporize, and the THC will be absorbed by the remaining alcohol. The more buds you use, the stronger the decoction you will get.

When you notice that half of the alcohol has already evaporated, then top up to the previous level and turn off the heat.

Now it's time to filter the product. Cover the second jar with gauze and start pouring the mixture. Do this slowly and gradually, as the liquid should be thick enough to have difficulty getting through the fabric. Also squeeze as much liquid out of the buds as possible, but only grab them when the whole thing has cooled down a bit. Let the filtered liquid sit for a few hours and then repeat the process. This time you need to evaporate enough alcohol to leave only 5ml at the bottom of the jar. You can use a dropper to measure if you have enough.

Add 20ml of propylene glycol to this mixture. This will give you about 25ml of liquid from 6 grams of marijuana. Some people also use vegetable glycerin instead of propylene glycol. It's worth remembering that you can always decrease or increase the dosage of each ingredient, so you get the product that best suits your taste. Experiment with additives, marijuana strains, and the amount of alcohol.

It is always possible to filter out more alcohol when you add propylene glycol, but it is not entirely necessary. THC is also soluble in alcohol, so leaving your buds in a screw-top jar for a few days after first dipping them in alcohol will also affect the potency of the liquid.

Tip: you can shake this mixture of tops and alcohol vigorously every day to get even more potency.

Be extremely careful!

Take special care when making cannabis liquids, because you will be dealing with high temperatures all the time and heating alcohol can be dangerous! Make sure you have proper ventilation, wear a mask and gloves, and if you are completely inexperienced with vaping, start with really small doses.