The first thing that was sold online was pot?


The first thing that was sold online was pot?

Author of the book "How the 1960s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry," John Markoff includes information from the early 1970s about a group of Stanford college students who were about to make their first online transaction. The first thing that was sold over the Internet was pot.

As we read in John Markoff's book, the subject of the first Internet transaction made by Stanrof college students was actually marijuana! This is a very astonishing fact, especially for the entire Green World!

How did the "Green Transaction" happen?

Of course, today it's no problem to stock up on pot practically all over Europe, and in the US you can even buy it at special medical dispensaries or order it for home delivery from your home computer.

But you're probably wondering, how did the previously mentioned students accomplish this?

Well, using an ARPANET account at Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, they managed to make contact and trade with groups similar to them from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Some dispute that this was the first online sale because payment was made in cash. However, today almost every online purchase has payment-on-delivery options and is considered e-commerce, so by all means, ordering weed through ARPANET can be included in this category.

Apparently, the amounts that were sold via the network are still unknown. So before there was a darknet, tor network or even eBay and Amazon, students were already conquering the online market