Plant-based hemp meat set to conquer food market


Plant-based hemp meat set to conquer food market

Rich in protein, fiber and with a taste very similar to regular meat. This is an innovative product that is expected to conquer the food market in New Zealand as early as next year. The meat substitute will be a 100 percent plant-based product, with hemp as its main ingredient.

New Zealand startup Sustainable Foods, better known for its retail brand The Craft Meat Co, is preparing to launch hemp meat. The product is expected to appear in wholesalers and stores in early 2021.

Hemp meat is expected to contain not only a lot of protein, but also as much as 19 percent fiber, which is not found in traditional meat products. The new product, which will hit the New Zealand market, will taste similar to chicken meat, the manufacturer confirms.

Offer hemp-rich products

The New Zealand-based company already has a range of plant-based products designed to be meat substitutes. Some of them contain hemp seeds, but in none so far has hemp become the primary ingredient.

- Most of our products already contain hemp for its nutritional value, but the new meat analogue will use hemp as a base, which means it will have a total consumer protein content higher than animal products due to the fact that hemp is naturally rich in protein, Sustainable Foods co-founder Kyran Rei said.