Monar interested in a donation from Maty's foundation?


Monar interested in a donation from Maty's foundation?

Is Monar interested in a donation from Matczak's foundation? The420 Foundation, which the rapper companies, is expected to donate 420,000 PLN to Monar, we learned from a recent performance in the form of a statement, during which Matczak also announced his desire to run in the 2040 presidential campaign. Monar is an organization that has always been against the liberalization of the law, its representatives have repeatedly told lies about cannabis, they are propagators of, among other things, the harmful and long ago scientifically disproven "gateway theory" regularly repeating that it is a stimulant that leads to heavy measures that will surely take away all will to live. We asked Monar if it was interested in the said donation, here's what we heard.

Monar interested in donation from Mata's foundation?

We wrote about Mata's donation of 420,000 to Monar in T U T A J. Monar is an organization about which extremely different opinions are proclaimed. Many criticize the organization for its methods of operating and providing treatment for heavy drug addicts such as heroin and other heavy, highly addictive and debilitating substances. However, this part of the business will not be the subject of this text. We take no position here on Monar's methods of conducting therapy.

Monar is an ultra-damaging organization to the subject of a rational approach to cannabis and a rational cannabis policy. The organization harms both itself, cannabis users, high school students and educational staff - as well as many other institutions working with young people. In what ways?

The harm of Monar's activities to the aforementioned social groups can be very high. They are primarily due to the untruthfulness of the claims made by this institution about the harmfulness of marijuana. And to be clear, marijuana can have a negative impact on our lives, it all depends on the user. If the consumer abuses it, uses it harmfully i.e. by using it collapses work or school then of course it is no good. It is important that smoking weed is not the only pastime, it is important to have your own goals and pursue them, your passions and hobbies.

However, Monar, as an institution, is a frother of lies that harm themselves. Examples? Here you go - on Monar's website you will find such statements:

"Marijuana cannot be overdosed on. But does this mean that there is no danger? - It is known that after smoking marijuana for some time, one loses motivation," says the therapist. - Then one doesn't feel like doing anything, and the reality is that one tries to adjust only to oneself in order to defend what supposedly does no harm."

This is, of course, half-true, or untrue. The statement that one loses motivation after smoking marijuana for some time is an ultra lie. I know a lot of high-level managers, business owners, travelers, athletes, scientists, explorers and a long time to list who use marijuana regularly. Some incumbents also smoke, several Olympic gold medalists smoke, the fastest man on earth and in the water smokes, the most famous actors smoke, a good portion of NBA and NHL players smoke, artists and successful people smoke - and they all admit it. They are, in many cases, titans of work. Well, but Mr. Monar therapist probably knows better.

If this is half true, what does it actually look like? Yes, if you are a lazy person by nature then using marijuana can make you even lazier. What cannabis has in common is that it can somehow amplify our approach to life, if you are a creative person you can boost that creativity, but if you are inherently lazy then you can be lazy even more. Cannabis is not for everyone - this should be made clear.

Further, in the article titled. "A million faces of cannabis," which Monar describes and links to as an "objective text on cannabis" where Monar therapists speak out, we read:

Tom turned 20. He has been in the center for almost a year. The moment is approaching when he will have to leave it. He doesn't take drugs, he also quit cigarettes two months ago, because a friend said: "How about you stop smoking?". He is cheerful, shakes hands in greeting. He agrees to talk. However, he only answers questions with an affirmative or negative head movement, with an occasional "yes" or "no" heard. But if you ask the same question again and suggest a completely different answer, Tom will also agree. - Anyone can manipulate him, take advantage of him... He can't live independently," worries Artur Siatkowski. - We are trying to place him in a care facility. There he will live a more dignified life than in the family home. We know that Tom smoked marijuana.

Again, a half-truth that is not true. Yes, Tom probably smoked marijuana, however, it was certainly not his only stimulant. Tom probably took all kinds of legal highs - inferring from the description of how devastated and dependent he is. Or maybe he sniffed glue? It doesn't matter, the important thing is that among these debilitating drugs there was also marijuana, so we will say that Tom's life is fucked up precisely because of cannabis.

Flying along, here's some more nonsense promoted by Monar:

"Such guys

Handsome, well-groomed, fashionably dressed, beautifully speaking Polish... If you met them in any other place than the Monar center, you wouldn't be able to guess their past. All three started with marijuana. What do they think about the fact that since the beginning of the year this drug can be bought legally without a prescription in the American state? - I'm not in favor of such availability of marijuana," says Andrew, who used to start his day with a joint. - I'm concerned that many teenagers will find it easier to access it, although it is specified that the buyer must be at least 21 years old. In my opinion, if initiation occurs at age 12 or 14, the risk of addiction is 99%."

All three probably started with alcohol, not marijuana. Here is a classic example of replicating the untrue and scientifically disproven gateway drug theory , saying that cannabis is a prelude to heavy drugs. Today, many call cannabis more correctly that is, an "exit drug," the idea being that marijuana helps many recover from heavy drug addiction. But whatever, the truth is of marginal importance to Monar employees. The person described says that when initiation occurs at age 12 there is a high risk of addiction. Ok, so let's remember that the age of 12 for drug initiation is the reality of Poland (seriously), while in places where marijuana can be bought legally it is 17-18. As you can see, Monar's ideology has blocked Andrew's ability to reason rationally.

In general, Monar sees no problem with young people drinking cheap wine even though scientists have long said that alcohol is the gateway drug followed by reaching for stronger stuff. Several cases cited by Monar therapists strongly confirm this, here is one example:

"(...) Almost at the last minute he applied to the center in Wyszków, because the upper age limit for patients is 35, and he was 33. He comes from Bialystok. He was 12 years old and had older friends with whom he used to go to the park to play guitars and drink cheap wine. It was from them that he got his first joint. He smoked it. He felt cool."

But of course the first drug wasn't alcohol, you'll hear from people in Monar that it was marijuana. Again, a lie.

Monar has been perpetrating another very serious lie for many years, which is to show how terrible marijuana is and how powerfully addictive and destructive it is to people's lives.

Monar representatives have been repeating a certain lie for years, that every year hundreds of young people are brought to them in need of drug therapy for marijuana addiction. This is a half-truth or untruth. Yes, young people are brought to Monar for addiction therapy for marijuana use. It's just that Monar's staff forgot to add one important detail - these are not addicts who have voluntarily and on their own applied for therapy. These are people who have been stopped on the street with some small amount of marijuana, which in most cases they smoke occasionally when going out on the town or partying. These people were brought before a judge and given a choice - a sentence (suspended but still a conviction and a mess of paperwork) or to enter treatment for addiction and, once completed, have the case dropped. Of course, almost everyone would choose treatment over a sentence. AND THEN we have hundreds of marijuana "addicts" in Monar wards. Manipulation in its purest form.

It is also incredibly damaging that all the people associated with education treat Monar's bullshit and lies as revealed truth. What is the effect of this? When young people hear all this nonsense about marijuana, statements that weed smokers are lazy and achieve nothing while seeing that several Olympic gold medalists smoke, the fastest man on earth and in the water smokes, the most famous actors smoke, a good portion of NBA and NHL players smoke, artists and successful people smoke - and they all admit it. They are, in many cases, titans of work.

What is the effect? Young people do not believe those who push bullshit on them about drugs. What's more, young people come to the conclusion that since teachers repeat so much nonsense about marijuana, maybe they are lying about other drugs too, and heroin is actually ok. Fortunately, few people get their education about stimulants from teachers, and in truth they realize that legal highs or opiates are an average choice. It's a shame that people involved in education don't realize that they COMPLETELY HAVE NO ACCESS TO ANYTHING IN THIS MATTER. Kids make fun of lectures about drugs, and no wonder since instead of a rational approach to marijuana, "educators" demonize pot by giving it a grot of negative aspects that young people know are untrue.

Returning to the question posed in the title - yes, Monar is as interested as possible in a donation from a foundation, which by definition is supposed to support pro-legalization activities, something Monar completely disagrees with and has always been opposed to. What's more, Monar representatives believe that medical marijuana in pharmacies is a misunderstanding, and here I'm not going to bite my tongue, to want to deny patients often the only drug that helps - you have to be an exceptional motherfucker. Well, but for Monar this is the norm. Representatives of the organization replied to the Foundation that they would gladly accept the money. Now Monar is waiting for feedback from Foundation420 on the arrangements for the donation.

We are extremely curious as to what the 420,000 PLN will be used for. Maybe for a campaign showing what a terrible evil cannabis is to this world, this would fit perfectly with their existing activities.