WeedFest 2022 - Poland's largest hemp trade show is just a week away!


WeedFest 2022 - Poland's largest hemp trade show is just a week away!

WeedFest 2022 is just a week away! This will be the largest hemp fair in Poland to date, during which nearly seventy hemp companies from around the world will present their products, services and brands. But, of course, that's not all, during WeedFest '22 there will be, among other things, grower trainings within the Grower's Zone, Miss and Mister WeedFest '22 elections and The Hemp Cup - a plebiscite for the best drought. There will be a gastro zone and a beach within the chill zone. There will also be an educational zone where lectures and panel discussions of hemp experts from around the world will be held for two days! This and much more will be waiting for you during WeedFest 2022. Is everyone ready for the best hemp event of the year?

WeedFest 2022 - the largest hemp fair in Poland on May 28 and 29

This will be the third edition of WeedFest - the largest hemp event in our country. Nearly seventy exhibitors, two days of educational panels and lectures by guests not only from Poland, Miss and Mister elections of the event, plebiscite for the best dried hemp - The Hemp Cup, Grower's Zone training zone, gastro zone, beach in the chiil zone and thousands of hemp lovers and their thousands of uses - you will find all this in a week in the very center of Warsaw during WeedFest 2022!

The main partners of the event are DYM.PL, OCB and ROOR.

Also appearing will be, known to regulars of European hemp events, a growing container from JuicyFields. Filled with flowering plants, of course. JuicyFields, the main sponsor of the educational zone, is an interesting project with a global reach.

JuicyFields is a company that will introduce WeedFest visitors to its medical marijuana crowdgrowing platform, which connects people with licensed producers and distributors from around the world. This revolutionary system harnesses the power of partnerships in commercial cultivation, keeping the economic benefits at the community level so that the chain of exchange of money and payouts does not lose its value. This allows growers to expand their operations to make the end product cheaper, of better quality and more responsive to market demands. This allows new e-growers to enter the market with less risk, removing the usual barriers to entry for licensing, expertise, research, cultivation and distribution costs.

How does it work?

Create a free account to access the platform.

Select the category and quantity of plants you want to buy.

Choose the payment method that suits you best: bank transfer or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether.

Our experts will grow the plants for you. You will be able to follow the evolution on the platform without having to touch the plant.

When the plant is harvested and packaged, you will receive in your account the initial contribution and the profits generated.

During WeedFest, JuicyFields advisors will answer all questions and will help those willing to take their first steps in this industry.

Educational Zone and grower training at WeedFest

Among other things, grower trainings will be held during the event, for people who, for example, want to grow fiber hemp for premium flower in the near future, or are already doing so and want to improve their skills. The training sessions will cover indoor as well as outdoor growing, discuss the challenges of large-scale cultivation, learn about plant metabolism depending on growing conditions and much, much more.

Of course, there will be panels and lectures by hemp experts from Poland and the world. Mgr. pharm. Bartlomiej Zalewa known as "Hemp Pharmacist" will discuss prescription medicines using Cannabis Flos pharmaceutical raw material, Maciej Kowalski from Hemp Combine will talk about growing hemp in the home garden in relation to recent legal changes, Jolanta Różycka will discuss the topic of the role of cannabinoid receptors in mitochondria, and Piotr "Liroy" Marzec together with Maciej Sagan will talk about the hemp business and the law, the panel will be moderated by Maciej Pawłowski, who will also lead the educational part.

Of course, these are just a few attractions in the field of education, all arranged by time you will find T U T A J

The fair will also include a plebiscite for the best dried hemp The Hemp Cup, which you can read about T U T A J.

You can learn more about WeedFest 2022 in our previous article, which you can find T U T A J

See you at WeedFest 2022 on May 28 and 29 in Warsaw! Let's create hemp history together!