Netherlands: Hemp tea withdrawn from Lidl due to too high THC levels


Netherlands: Hemp tea withdrawn from Lidl due to too high THC levels

A warning has appeared on the website of Dutch Lidl, saying that the hemp tea recently introduced by the chain contains too high a concentration of THC, and for this reason asks not to consume the product and to return it. Here is the content of the warning against consuming trace amounts of THC in a country where attitudes toward cannabis are relatively normal compared to the same warnings issued by Poland's GIS.

Netherlands: Hemp tea recalled from Lidl due to excessive THC levels

A warning appeared on the Dutch Lidl website a few days ago saying that hemp tea brand Mogota contains too high a concentration of THC. The chain's website reads:

"This safety warning applies only to the product "Hemp tea" of the brand "Mogota" , with a best-before date of 31-12-2022 and bar code 3830001230185."

"Hemp tea has been found to have an increased content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Consumption of this tea can have undesirable health effects, such as mood swings and fatigue. Therefore, customers are encouraged not to consume the tea, but to return it to the store. Of course, the full purchase amount will be refunded. "

The manufacturer of the faulty tea is a company from Slovakia.

Poland: GIS warns of excessive THC concentration in hemp CBD oil

The warning issued by the Dutch Lidl does not indicate that the product is particularly dangerous despite its increased THC content, but only that it can cause mood swings or drowsiness in some, nothing particularly dangerous.

In contrast, the situation is different in our country, which is full of absurdities. Here, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate warns that consumption of CBD oil, in which a THC concentration of 0.001% has been detected, poses a "significant risk to consumer health."

"According to the risk assessment of the National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene, these products should be considered unapproved for human consumption and may pose a significant risk to the health of consumers."

-sounded the information provided by GIS.

In addition, the GIS website read:

"The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate warns against the use of PREMIUM QUALITY HEMP OIL - 10 percent and 5 percent (5 ml and 10 ml). Laboratory testing of samples of these products confirmed the presence of cannabinoids, including Δ9-THC content of 0.9 g/kg and 1.5 g/kg in 5% hemp oil and 1.2 g/kg in 10% hemp oil."

1 g/kg is a concentration of 0.001%. There have already been several such situations in Poland, the example discussed is from this spring.

Issuing this type of opinion is a ridicule for the GIS and the Institute of Public Health - State Institute of Hygiene, who issuing this type of warning as you can see should still learn.

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