A company called Poldaun is scamming customers by selling them... pillows with CBD.


A company called Poldaun is scamming customers by selling them... pillows with CBD.

The Poldaun company is deceiving customers by selling them... pillows with CBD. The Relax CBD pillow is the name of a product that is supposed to help relax after a hard day or make it easier for people who have trouble falling asleep. It's all based on the idea that the cannabidiol contained in the pillow will help you relax. How is it supposed to get from the pillow into our body? We don't know. Nor do the manufacturers or distributors know. The company defends itself by showing research results, but it is a pity that the presented research results are blatant deception of customers, as they are the results of research on something completely different than the pillow being sold. This is a scam based on consumer ignorance, Poldaun is deceiving its customers looking for a solution to insomnia. here is more information.

Poldaun is deceiving customers by selling them... CBD pillows.

Here's how Poldaun describes the product sold on its website:

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, wake up frequently during the night...?

50% of the population has problems falling asleep, with new technologies, a fast pace of life and stress caused by pandemics, among other factors, contributing to this problem. Today, insomnia is the third most common cause of ailments among conditions affecting the nervous system, right after headaches and anxiety. Millions of people complain about sleep disorders, which has a significant impact on our health and quality of life. We are very familiar with these issues and believe that with a little help, everyone can have a peaceful and relaxed night.

That's why we have introduced RELAX CBD comforters and pillows, the fabric of which is covered with a special extract of hemp oil RELAX CBD ORIGINAL by Proneem France. Thanks to the surprising power of properly combined ingredients, enclosed in microcapsules, you will achieve harmony and deep sleep. The microcapsules are ruptured during use (when rubbed), which causes the release of the active substances contained in them. In RELAX CBD application you will find not only CBD isolate and hemp oil, but also specially selected volatile perfumes, which have two important actions. They take part in aromatherapy, as well as dissolve and allow the diffusion of the oils contained in the microcapsules, providing an optimal effect of relaxation and tranquility.

Is this even possible?

Is what its distributors write about their product true, and is it even possible? First of all, it should be remembered that CBD is not a volatile substance and evaporates from a temperature of about 160 degrees Celsius. So how is cannabidiol supposed to get into our bodies? That's what the Poldaun company doesn't know.

What its distributor Poldaun claims about its product is not possible and is simply fraud, misleading customers while promising to solve certain health problems. For many people, sleep problems are a torment that does not allow them to function normally, and the company has decided to prey on such people.

The distributor of the Relax CBD pillow claims that CBD is released from the pillow thanks to a special "Relax CBD Original application," these are supposedly capsules that release CBD when rubbed. Even if this were actually the case, there is still no way for the substance to enter the body and cannabinoid receptors.

As proof of the Relax CBD pillow's effect, the Poldaun company sent to an editorial email the results of a study supposedly proving the product's effectiveness. The study was conducted on 20. individuals between the ages of 20 and 40. The individuals reported whether they felt the effects of the product immediately after using the pillow and after spending the night sleeping on the aforementioned pillow. I will get to the manipulation of the results of the study in a moment. First, it should be noted that what the test subjects tested is not what the company is selling. Poldaun reports that the CBD is contained in capsules placed in the pillow, which release the substance when rubbed. The technology is referred to as the "CBD Relax original application." However, when we look in the research report, we don't find a word about this technology. Instead, we find information that the object of the study is a pillow with ... perfume applied to it. These studies are completely silent on the product. Showing their results in the way the Poldaun company does is outright fraud.

Unfortunately, the company additionally commits a false interpretation of the results, simply lying to its customers, the only thing that matters is profit.

On the product page you will find a graph that shows that 95% of the people surveyed feel soothed by using the pillow. This is the most outright lie as there is nothing of the sort in the survey results. The scent seems to be soothing to 95% of those surveyed - this is what is stated on the website. And what we see in the table of survey results: Do you feel soothed by smelling the product immediately after applying the perfume? Yes, considerable - answered 45% of respondents, while 50% said they feel a little. The manufacturer, on the other hand, combined the two groups and wrote that 95% of respondents felt the effect of the perfume contained in the pillow. After a full night, only 25% felt such an effect. Only 10% reported a positive relaxing effect after a night's sleep. Keep in mind, however, that it is not known what was in the composition of these perfumes used in the study. It is clear from the results and the final report that it was not a CBD Relax Original application, as claimed by the manufacturer and distributor.

Many volatile compounds that are terpenes have therapeutic properties including relaxation. However, they are highly volatile. Hence such research results, in which the relaxing effect is much stronger immediately after applying the perfume to the material, rather than after a whole night. You can find the entire report with the test results at this link: ITATEST poldaun. The product page, on the other hand, can be found at T U T AJ.

Describing the possibility of washing and preserving the relaxing properties of the material is already the maximum departure and impudence.

I publish the material after many conversations with the company, which claims that its CBD pillows are a fully tested product and work as they describe. Although they don't know how, they claim it works. despite being made aware that it doesn't and why. The only thing they have changed is to remove the information that by using CBD pillows you will feel the effects of medical marijuana. We are taking the matter to the OCCP and hope that these types of products will disappear and never return. Representatives of the company told me that they would not talk to me.