New semi-automatic varieties ideal for outdoor 2021


New semi-automatic varieties ideal for outdoor 2021

The gentlemen of Pan Pestka Crew have prepared new semi-automatic (fast) varieties for the coming season, which will satisfy any Central European gardener. The new collection from PPC includes such genetics as Bruce Banner , Power Plant and Black Domina in a semi-automatic version, for example, which means you can enjoy a high-quality crop in a central European climate. Here's why, in our opinion, the new fast genetics are currently the best choice, check it out.

New semi-automatic varieties ideal for outdoor 2021

Fast-type varieties came about by accident. They have a bit of ruderalis genes in them, which are responsible for the so-called auto-flowering of cannabis which is why they are sometimes called semi-automatics. However, these are photoperiodic strains that need the right amount of darkness(shorter day and longer night) to flower. On the other hand, thanks to the addition of ruderalis, their flowering is much faster, resulting in better yields.

Semi-automatic varieties grow just like typical photoperiodic genetics (called full-season), while the flowering process itself is much faster. This combination allows them to produce flowers that satisfy both in quantity and quality. This makes them an excellent choice for Central European climates (e.g. the Netherlands, the Czech Republic).

Mr. Pestka Crew have prepared several novelties in this category that should attract the attention of Central European gardeners. Here are a few of them:

Bruce Banner F1 Fast Version

Bruce Banner is a strain known for its strong hit typical of indica-type varieties. For many herb consumers, it is the best indica, and one of the best for the rest. In Central European climates, unfortunately, it's only possible to grow indoors. Until now because after several years of work, the gentlemen of Pan Pestka Crew presented a semi-automatic version, the Bruce Banner F1 Fast Version. This is the result of careful gene selection of a cross between Bruce Banner and a secret autoflowering variety. The effect is fierce.

Power Plant F1 Fast Version

The second item to mention is a semi-automatic version of the legendary sativa with African roots - Power Plant. While the Bruce Banner described above is a typical indica, Power Plant is a classic sativa. In action, it is euphoric, stimulates creativity and the desire for action, and has a sensational effect on appetite. It's the perfect strain for walks, going out on the town or trips to nature. Power Plant is a genetic that does not disappoint, and can be recommended in good conscience to anyone looking for a proven sativa. The classic PP has a relatively long flowering period, but Power Plant F1 Fast Version from Pan Pestka Crew features much faster flowering while retaining all the characteristics of the classic Power Plant, so you can enjoy sativas grown under the Central European sun from now on.

Black Domina F1 Fast Version

Black Domina is a pure indica created from a cross by the Sensi Seeds team of such genetics as Canadian Ortega x Northern Lights x Hash Plant x Secret Afghan genetics. Something definitely for fans of Afghan phenotypes. Now we have received a semi-automatic version from Pan Pestka Crew - Black Domina F1 Fast version. Definitely worth trying.

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Big Bud F1 Fast Version

Big Bud is an incredibly easy to grow plant that gives a very good yield of decent quality. It is ideal for commercial cultivation precisely because of its low requirements from the gardener and high yield. In 6 to 7 weeks from the start of flowering, the flowers are ready for harvest. The aroma is fruit and kush. Genetically indica dominant, but the effect is balanced both bodily and mentally. Big Bud F1 Fast Version is one of the best choices for novice gardeners.

The text is informative and educational and is intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of non-fiber cannabis in Poland is prohibited and not encouraged.