Vacationing along the cannabis trail - where can you smoke, party and see beautiful sights?


Vacationing along the cannabis trail - where can you smoke, party and see beautiful sights?

Travelling to places where it is legal to smoke marijuana is slowly becoming a new kind of tourism. We have prepared a list of corners of the world where we can not only indulge our hobby in peace, but also admire the beauty of nature or modern cities. Additionally, we will show that such a journey does not have to be boring and consist only of tasting marijuana in various cult places, but also of other, equally attractive activities.

The Netherlands the focal point

Once upon a time the only place we could sit back, smoke a joint and enjoy the vibe was in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. A trip there was like a secret ritual for all cannabis lovers, and what went on in the dark cafes was like the world's greatest secrets. But there's no denying that for many, a visit to Amsterdam was their only chance to taste the best strains and experience the 'world' of cannabis from a different, human and accessible perspective. Even now, in an era of only declared changes to drug laws, it is worth remembering this cosy place, especially since you can visit it with just an ID card and some cash in your pocket (cannabis prices range from 6 to even 20 euros).

Tulips in the Netherlands

In 2017, Amsterdam is no longer an exclusive paradise for all smokers, so why not take a "slightly" longer, but more thrilling, trip? Cannabis-tourism is a booming new segment of the travel industry, and more and more destinations are being drawn as the most liberal and friendly to cannabis users.

Let's take a look at the places that have dared to host interesting events for cannabis enthusiasts this year. If these amazing spots don't immediately make us want to pack our backpack, renew our passport photo, and save up for plane tickets, it's probably because we're already too stoned or our lust for travel hasn't been stoked enough yet. It's time to change that! It's time to take a vacation along the cannabis trail!

420 in Denver

Colorado is a state that can be called the American Netherlands. What's more - it's also the longest running and arguably the most canna-tourism friendly sector in the US. But officially and very loudly this April 4, 2017, Colorado will turn into a real refuge for all smokers. The best thing about Denver 420 Fest is that a ticket to this event costs nothing. 420 Fest is a unique cannabis fair with a thick, true American party atmosphere. The festival is spread throughout the city, so we will have access to many vendors and farmers who will offer us unique strains. Top-quality cannabis will cost around $25 per gram, while these unique and limited specialties can be priced as high as $100 per gram! Long lines at the popular vendors are almost inevitable, but it'll give off a 60s party vibe!

Summer in San Francisco

California just legalized marijuana for recreational use, so there's never been a better time to visit the Golden State. Although the recreational cannabis industry and legal system is still in its infancy there, finding an interesting cannabis-related event should be no problem.

The best time to visit Sacramento and San Francisco is definitely this summer. The Nor-Cal High Times Cannabis Cup will be held June 3 and 4 in Santa Rosa. Although this is the eighth edition of this phenomenal show, this time it will be 100% legal!

A basic one-day admission ticket costs $50, while for $90 we will be able to spend there already two weekend days. Of course, there are also premium tickets available, for which we can spend up to $420, and thanks to this we will get all kinds of additional gadgets and souvenirs. Whether it's worth it, we have to decide for ourselves, because even in the basic variant we'll get a great party and all-night fun. And that in the constant company of the best quality cannabis!

In addition to the "usual" attractions, such as concerts and the presentation of the best quality strains, you will also be able to get specialized knowledge on any topic related to cannabis. At specialized exhibitions will teach us not only new ways to consume cannabis or how to grow it, but also show us where and how to start a career in the legal cannabis business.

Barcelona the new "cannabis capital of Europe"

Barcelona, with its more than 400 cannabis clubs, is the new biggest cannabis capital not only in Spain but also in all of Europe. In fact, there is never a bad time to visit Barcelona, but if we want to attend the biggest and best cannabis trade show, we can't miss Spannabis!

Spannabis takes place on March 10, 11 and 12 in Barcelona. It has become a global event and practically everyone connected with the cannabis industry in any way attends. This includes vendors, growers, and even fertilizer manufacturers! Every one of them comes to Spannabis to showcase their best goods so we can learn about them and buy them at attractive prices. A pleasant addition to the many hours of fairs will be live music and evening concerts of well-known bands.

Tickets cost from €19 per day, and a three-day pass is available for €39, so Spannabis is not one of the most expensive events of its kind in the world, and it will certainly leave an indelible impression on us. A must for any cannabis lover.

Accommodation should be booked some time in advance, as on the day of the fair the rooms closest to your destination are sure to be sold out, and we don't want to waste hours getting to the event.

A heart made of pebbles

"Bud & Breakfast in Jamaica

The consumption of marijuana in Jamaica is only legal for medicinal and religious purposes, but that hasn't stopped the creation of a unique variation of a specific event based on the traditional B&B (bed and breakfast) concept. Jamaica is able to offer marijuana lovers more and more every year and is eager to benefit from the growth of canna-tourism. All-night parties, beautiful vistas, Caribbean paradise, phenomenal beaches, crystal clear water, great weather and, just as importantly, the best strains of cannabis can all be found on this magical island.

Warming up Alaska

For the most adventurous and daring smokers who would like to adventure alongside Bear Grylls, the best choice is to travel deep into Alaska. If you want to smoke marijuana surrounded by majestic natural wonders, far away from people and ubiquitous technology, then Alaska is perfect for you.

Valdez is an Alaskan town with a population of around 4000. Located on the Pacific coast, hidden behind fjords, a 5-6 hour drive from major cities, with temperatures almost never exceeding 0oC - sounds like a frozen hell, but it's not. The area has become home to marijuana enthusiasts. It is worth knowing that in Alaska it is legal to use cannabis for medical purposes, although at the time of writing the government is in talks about the legal status of cannabis, so it is possible that Alaska will become an even more friendly place for canna-tourists.

If the frozen climate isn't for you, you shouldn't worry. Marijuana use is becoming more common and recreational smoking is becoming socially acceptable. So one can assume that soon every major city will want to host its own festival in honor of cannabis. Authorities are noticing the huge capital that such an event generates, and it allows us to have fun in many corners of the world - legally and safely.

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