Pharmacies are running out of medical marijuana, when can new supplies be expected?


Pharmacies are running out of medical marijuana, when can new supplies be expected?

Pharmacies are running out of medical marijuana. Once again. When can we expect the next supply of dried, and what is the reason for such poor availability of the drug in Polish pharmacies? Here is more information.

Pharmacies are running out of medical marijuana

At the moment, both pharmacies and wholesalers are running out of products from both Spectrum Cannabis and Aurora.

Once again, patients have been left without the drug.... Zero stock in most pharmacies in Poland.... After the last lack of availability, I was quietly hoping that such a state would not happen again.... K@&#a and yet !!! The worst thing is that those who need this drug the most simply do not have the strength from pain or are dying to express their emotions about it - Drama May the raw material return to pharmacies as soon as possible -read in yesterday's post by Bartek Zalewa - Hemp Pharmacist

When will drought appear in pharmacies?

Unfortunately, for the moment, patients have to be patient or are forced to use the black market. The scary thing is that patients who have started therapy and can't just stop it - are forced to stock up on the black market, or simply go to a dealer.

The dried Aurora that will reach our market already comes from crops located in Denmark. The batch destined for the Polish market is already packed and waiting in Germany. The only obstacle is the completion of Polish procedures to allow the batch to be released. We will inform about when the formalities will be completed and the batch released to wholesalers in the first days of next week.

Droughts from Canopy Growth / Spectrum Therapeutics (Red No.2) will have to wait a bit longer. A batch of raw material that could be destined for the Polish market is waiting to be tested. If the results are within standards - the product should reach Polish wholesalers within a few weeks.

The availability of medical marijuana in Poland, or rather the lack of it, is due to very restrictive regulations regarding permissible deviations of THC concentration in the product. In Poland, these standards are the strictest in Europe which results in supply shortages, for more extensive material on this topic see T U T A J