Krakow: 4EASE brand owner arrested for 800 kg of dried cannabis containing significantly more THC than 0.2%


Krakow: 4EASE brand owner arrested for 800 kg of dried cannabis containing significantly more THC than 0.2%

Krakow: 4EASE brand owner arrested for 800 kg of dried cannabis containing significantly more than 0.2% THC. If you have been a customer or contractor of 4EASE be sure to read this article. The fact that the person behind the brand has been operating with not quite, integrity has been talked about in the industry for some time. The allegations against the brand's owner are numerous. From counterfeiting well-known hemp brands to selling dried CBD containing up to 4% THC. While the first case only spells trouble for the counterfeit manufacturer, selling dried CBD with such high concentrations of THC as dried CBD is exposing customers and clients to a lot of legal trouble. We have information that such situations have in fact occurred, and people purchasing the drought from 4EASE today have criminal cases for possession of significant amounts of non-fiber cannabis herb. Here is more information.

Krakow: 4EASE brand owner arrested for 800 kg of dried cannabis containing significantly more THC than 0.2%

Information about the detention of the owner of a CBD / CBG hemp products store, where 800 kg of marijuana was found to be distributed just under the guise of a store with legal hemp products, has been circulating online for several days. Police announced the seizure of more than 800 kg of dried hemp. After testing the first 205 kg of the seized dried product, it turned out that it contained significantly more THC than the permitted 0.2% (which, in truth, only applies to plants in the field).

The service does not specify the size of the exceedances, reporting only that the dried product turned out to be marijuana sold under the guise of legal hemp products.

On March 21, Małopolska police officers searched the buildings, where they found and secured a total of more than 800 kg of various substances, i.e. dried hemp, "CBD" oils and other substances in various forms (nuggets, balls). These substances in their entirety were taken to the Forensic Laboratory of the Regional Police Headquarters in Krakow, where they are being examined by our specialists. To date, expert opinions have been obtained on 205 kg of dried cannabis, which confirmed that we are dealing with dried cannabis other than fibrous, the possession of which is prohibited by the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction.

- Małopolska Police informed.

We are confident that after testing all of the seized dried - the vast majority of it will contain 1-4% THC and will be recognized by the court as marijuana.

We have confirmed information that there are cannabis entrepreneurs who have criminal proceedings for possession of 100 to 1,000 grams of marijuana. Marijuana that they purchased from 4EASE in the belief that it is fully legal CBD dried.

The same goes for retail customers, if anyone has had legal problems due to overruns in theoretically legal CBD dried from 4EASE let us know.

Marijuana sold under the guise of legal hemp products?

The mainstream media knows very little about cannabis and approaches the subject with little integrity, hence the Internet has been circulating information about the trafficking of cannabis under the guise of CBD products for several days.

However, from the consumer's point of view - it is not marijuana that can be intoxicated like typical marijuana. This is because even 4% THC concentration is very low, and combined with 4-10% CBD, it will not intoxicate due to its CBD content. On the other hand, I know users with such a low tolerance that they would certainly feel intoxication after vaporizing such a dried product. A bigger concern for the customer, however, could be problems in case the police inspect the dried product.

So what does the whole situation stem from? Well, it is most simply an unfair practice of the detained business owner. Legitimate dried hemp must not have more than 0.2% (soon 0.3) THC. In the case of CBD dry, this brings with it some problems and restrictions. High-quality CBD dry, containing acceptable concentrations of THC, which at the same time looks very good organoleptically, which is rich in terpenes, etc., is very difficult to produce / acquire and it is also correspondingly more expensive. Failure to exceed acceptable concentrations often actually means a deterioration in the quality of the dry as such. CBD dried offered by scammers is pretty, has a beautiful flower structure, smells beautiful, tastes wonderful and... it is illegal, and its buyer can have a lot of legal problems. It's also much cheaper and easier to produce than dry without transgressions. This is exactly how 4EASE worked.

It is deceiving customers by telling and assuring them that the products purchased are fully legal. It is also the destruction of a market built by honest entrepreneurs who, despite being aware of the frailty of the law, comply with it, and n it is impossible for them to win against competitors who are dishonest.

According to the investigators' findings, the illegal procedure had been going on since at least last year, and the 42-year-old had made this illegal activity a permanent source of income for himself

- informed Malopolska police spokesman Sebastian Gleń.

The 4EASE store's website is still operational however it is not possible to purchase products. All phones are disabled. All auctions from sites like have been removed. The case is developing and when we learn more - we will inform.