Balanced Aurora 8/8 will be cheaper, manufacturer cuts price


Balanced Aurora 8/8 will be cheaper, manufacturer cuts price

Aurora 8/8 balanced dry (8%CBD : 8%THC) will be cheaper, new prices should appear in pharmacies any day now, according to information we've obtained. "Should" is the key word because a price reduction by the manufacturer does not mean that the pharmacy is obliged to reduce the price, so it is sometimes worth comparing the price at several pharmacies to choose the best one. By how much was the price reduced and what was the reason?

Balanced medical marijuana

We reported on the arrival of a new product from Aurora a little over a month ago, and a few days later the dried product appeared in pharmacies. It is the first balanced dried medical marijuana available on our market. The concentration of cannabinoids it contains is 8% THC : 8% CBD

How does the new dry differ from those available so far? First of all, it is definitely less psychotropic, meaning it is definitely less intoxicating. The second major difference is the greater spectrum of ailments it will help with - it is broader due to its content of not one active ingredient, but two - THC and CBD.

The range of action of this particular product, with this particular concentration of two cannabinoids, will have an effect that no other available product offers.

The hemp variety from which the raw material is produced is Equiposa™. It is an extremely balanced strain with effects characteristic of Sativa strains (energetic, uplifting) but with a less intoxicating effect. The strain has an earthy - pine aroma.

You can read more about this product in our T U T A J material.

Balanced Aurora 8/8 will be cheaper, producer lowered price

Now, a month after the launch of the dried product, the manufacturer has decided to slightly reduce its price.

For the moment, all Aurora products are similarly priced, which, depending on the pharmacy and its margin, ranges from 520 to as much as 700 PLN. For a package of 10 grams.

The discount on Aurora 8/8 is 1 Euro/g or about 4.5 PLN/g. This means that the manufacturer has reduced the price of a package of 10 grams by 45 PLN.

The final price the customer pays at the pharmacy is the manufacturer's price + margin + taxes. Both the margin and taxes are calculated as a percentage - the lower the price, the smaller the amount of margin. Thus, a reduction in the manufacturer's price by 45 PLN, in the case of a package of 10 grams, reduces the amount of margin and taxes, which should result in a reduction of more than 50 PLN /10 g.

Thus, in the part of pharmacies that do not impose cosmic markups on medical drywall, the price of Aurora 8/8 will be about 470 zł/10 g. This gives a price of 47 zloty per gram.

It is worth comparing the price at individual pharmacies, some will certainly not lower it. As a rule, these are pharmacies where the price of daily dried goods is high due to large margins.

From the information we received about the price reduction, it seems that it was influenced, among other things, by requests from the medical community, which believes that a variety with a THC : CBD ratio is very necessary for people who are starting medical marijuana therapy, and at the same time have never been in contact with cannabis before. The varieties available so far, with high THC concentrations for people starting therapy and who have not used cannabis before - are simply too strong, showing too psychotropic even at doses lower than the doctor recommends.

The price cut is intended to help popularize the product itself as well as the awareness that there is a dried product available for patients not coping with the effects of dried, which is definitely dominated by THC.