Autoflowering news from Mr. Pestka Crew


Autoflowering news from Mr. Pestka Crew

Another outdoor season is just around the corner, so traditionally it's time for autoflowering novelties from Mr. Pestka Crew, which are perfect for the European climate. As always, the reliable PPC crew has for you this year California genes in autoflowering version, so that every farmer growing under the European sun can taste these American delicacies. Here's more information.

Autoflowering news from Mr. Pestka Crew

Gorilla Zkittlez Auto

The first novelty from Pan Pestka Crew is Gorilla Zkittlez autoflowering version. We wrote about one of its parents, the Zkittlez variety from Pan Pestka Crew, in T U T AJ. Meanwhile, the other part of the gene pool is Gorilla Glue - a potent strain doused in an incredible amount of resin. Its flowers make your fingers sticky when touched, this is due to the high production of glue-like sticky resin and hence the name Gorilla Glue. At the moment one of the most famous varieties in the world. The combination of Gorilla with Zkittlez worked out very respectably for Mr. Pestka's team. And PPC's introduction of an autoflowering version of the strain gives them the opportunity to test it under the European sun. Gorilla Zkittlez Auto seeds can be found T U TA J.

Auto Do-Si-Dos

For the second fire flies another well-known variety from California tailored for European conditions - Auto Do Si Dos. The Do-Si-Dos strain is a combination of the now legendary Girl Scout Cookies phenotype with Face Off OG. It is a hybrid with a slight Indica gene dominance and quite abundant resin production. It produces mostly very compact flowers with a sweet aroma interspersed with earthy notes. Medicinally it works well as an analgesic and sleeping aid, among other things.

Auto Runtz

The third recommended autoflowering variety is Runtz. It is a hybrid that has rapidly conquered the market in the US in recent years. No wonder, her parents are Gelato and Zkittlez which are two top strains. Amazing sweet-fruity aroma and taste, potency, very high resin content and uplifting sensational effects - all this made Runtz hailed as the 2020 variety of the year! A strain with a very large amount of resin and therefore a huge amount of terpenes, which stays in the memory for a long time. For more info on Auto Runtz, see T U T A J.

The text is informative and educational and is intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of cannabis other than fiber in Poland is prohibited and is not encouraged.