What percentage of Europeans support legalization of weed - we know the results of the latest survey


What percentage of Europeans support legalization of weed - we know the results of the latest survey

What percentage of Europeans support the legalization of weed? We just learned the results of a survey of public sentiment on attitudes toward cannabis. A relatively recent similar survey took place in Poland, its results showed that our society is not unanimous about it, and the differences in views almost always coincide with age - the older the person asked, the more opposed to cannabis they are. And what is the situation on a European scale? What percentage of respondents support regulated sales and what percentage support home cultivation? Here are the survey results.

What percentage of Europeans support legalization of weed - we know the results of the latest survey

The results of the latest survey of support for legalizing recreational marijuana show that more than 50 percent of Europeans would support such a measure. The largest number of supporters of legalizing the herb reside in Italy and Portugal. Interestingly, the least support was declared by respondents from the Netherlands, where 47 percent are in favor of legalization.

The ever-increasing growth of the European medical cannabis market, as well as the growing demand for all wellness cannabis products, has helped change perceptions of cannabis after decades of prohibition, according to Alastair Moore, founder of Hanway Associates , a cannabis market analysis firm.

It's hard to disagree, hemp has been making inroads for some time now, and more and more people are having the opportunity to enjoy its benefits. Hemp leaves are no longer anything new in drugstores or sporting goods stores, and many of them already have separate sections with hemp products. Also, the possibility of legal treatment with medical marijuana is strongly influencing its opinion in society. Cannabis is growing in popularity!

The survey included a group of 9043 people from 8 countries.

Observers believe that it is likely that Europe will go the way of the United States where legalization in one state has triggered a domino effect of legalization throughout the country.

Recreational marijuana will soon be legalized by our western neighbors Germany, will this be the country that starts the wave of European Legalization? We hope so. You can read about German legalization in T U T A J.

Among the 55% of respondents who support the legalization of recreational marijuana, about 80% favor their sale regulated by the government. An overwhelming minority express support for home cultivation, and if they do support it, it is with restrictions.

About 30% of those questioned said they would try marijuana if it were legal. In contrast, more than half wouldn't mind a store with legal weed near their home.

Both public and business support for change and legalization can certainly give it momentum. The question is in what direction that momentum will be used.

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