Return of the legend that is Fat Joints III later this year!


Return of the legend that is Fat Joints III later this year!

The musical production Grube Jointy is a unique item for the entire hemp community and beyond. The first two editions, which were released more than a decade ago, have made a permanent mark in Polish hemp and music history. "Grube Jointy II: Punished for Nothing" sets the bar very high for Soko³, Pezet, Pono, JWP, DGE, Grubson, Sobota, HK Rufijok, Firma, VNM and all the rest of the notable rappers and rappers who participated in the project. After more than a decade of waiting, here comes another edition of the project, of which we have become a partner with undisguised pleasure. Ladies and gentlemen - Fat Joints III will most likely be released later this year! here's more fat information.

Fat Joints

The Grube Jointy project is for many one of the most important musical productions maintained in the protest song convention. The second edition of the album released in 2011 was a very strong three-disc compilation containing fifty really strong songs. On the album, Sokół, DonGuralEsko, Pezet, HK Rufijok, Trzeci Wymiar, Ras Luta, Grubson, JWP, VM, Wice Wersa, Firma, Majkel, among others, expressed their views on drug policy in the context of cannabis, politics as such and the current situation in the country.

Almost all the numbers on the album, which consists of three discs, were protest songs or ganja tunes. The three-disc album, which this time will consist of two discs, also has a similar premise.

These were (GJ II) mostly very blunt and very strong numbers, uncompromising and well-wounded.

The Fat Joints project is a very specific message - an expression by the artists of what needs to be changed in the current reality, what they are pissed off about, and what they see as a positive. It is probably the only item so highly charged with a social message. Like, for example, HK Rufijok's "It's Polish Exactly" (In my opinion, one of the best numbers on the album).

GJ III later this year

After more than a decade of waiting for the next edition of this release - we are very pleased to announce that Fat Joints III will probably come out later this year! As, we have become a partner of the project and we will keep you informed about the progress until the very premiere.

Fat Joints III is not only about music, it is also about educating the audience and the public. It is a social movement. Therefore, in addition to good music, you can also expect an educational insert, about which we will write more soon.

Recently we got to know the first single promoting the release. We are talking about the track "Common Purpose", for which ZBUKU is responsible.

In addition to ZBUKU, on the three track album we will hear rappers such as VNM, DUDEK RPK, and PONO. In time, more artists involved in the project will be revealed.

Interestingly, a few years ago the Fat Joints project was somehow closed, or certainly suspended. What was the reason for this?

"In 2011, the world commission on drug policy stated that the global war on drugs had failed. Often addicts are detained and punished who should be sent to treatment instead of systemic repression. Publishing another album knowing that it will not change the legal situation would be a conscious promotion of narcotics,"

-said the album's authors.

So what has changed that Fat Joints is returning?

The GJ authors emphasize that the change of decision and the reactivation of the project are due to the current situation in the cannabis world and beyond. Today we are in a very different place than we were those 6-8 years ago. We have legal medical cannabis, the whole world is moving towards legalization, our western neighbors - Germany - are also legalizing. All this made the project decide to be resurrected to give the world its updated message.

We are very pleased with the reactivation of this release as it was one of the most important if not the most important album so strongly touching on current social issues.

So stay tuned for more information and be sure to subscribe to the Fat Joints channel on YT