Zkittlez or fruit treats from Mr. Pestka Crew


Zkittlez or fruit treats from Mr. Pestka Crew

Zkittlez is one of those varieties that, as soon as it appeared on the market, became one of the favorite genetics among many consumers as well as gardeners. When this indica-dominant hybrid went on sale - it became one of the best-selling strains right away, and it retains that position to this day. Here's why.

Zkittlez or fruity treats from Mr. Pestka Crew

Zkittlez is a strain representing a new school of cannabis genetics, which came from a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit.

Grape Ape is a dominant indica created from a combination of Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani. It has an amazing aroma and aftertaste reminiscent of grapes (hence the name). In addition to the grape, sweet fruity notes are noticeable.

Zkittlez's other parent, Grapefruit, is a potent dominant sativa containing genes from Cindirella99, among others. Grapefruit has an energizing effect that stimulates creativity and drives one to action, while its aromas are tropical fruits mixed with citrus.

From the combination of these two noble genetics, which took place in California, Zkittlez was created. A potent strain, with dominant indica genes with a rather unique effect. But above all, with an amazing terrain-flavonoid profile and powerful resin production.


In cultivation, this is not a difficult strain. Zkittlez from Mr. Pestka Crew exhibits two dominant phenotypes. The first is tall (up to about 1.5m) and moderately bushy, while the second is lower (up to 1m) but strongly bushy. Tall plants produce flowers with strong purple color and aromas known from the best Gelato genetics. The lower plants produce flowers that are greener and smell incredibly fruity, candy-like and tropical.

Effects and medicinal use

This is definitely one of those varieties that requires more from the consumer than the gardener. Its effects are strong and typical of indica-type strains, however, the admixture of sativa genes ensures that the user is not "chained to the couch" after consumption. The effects are palpable on both body and mind and definitely improve the mood after a hard day. Medically it works as an analgesic, sleeping aid and anti-spasticity.

The text is informative and educational and is intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of non-fiber hemp in Poland is prohibited and is not encouraged.