Cannabis House is reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes and launches a research project that has been announced for years


Cannabis House is reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes and launches a research project that has been announced for years

Cannabis House has been a project that has aroused much excitement over the years. Noisy announcements of the launch of the research program, under which study participants can legally purchase cannabis dried and extracts under certain conditions, unfortunately ended in failure. However, all indications are that Cannabis House has finally succeeded in launching the research program and the first dried cannabis will hit dispensaries in the next few weeks. The association's activities are wide-ranging for the moment and cover more issues than just the aforementioned research program. Among others, those closely associated with CH worked on the standing subcommittee on bioeconomy and agricultural innovation, which will result in long-awaited changes in Polish law regulating the cultivation, storage, processing and use of hemp. Here's more information.

Cannabis House launches research project announced for years

The Cannabis House project, under which probationers participating in a study can legally obtain dried cannabis under certain conditions, has been talked about in Poland for years. Those in charge of the project have announced its launch several times, but so far all attempts have failed.

Now everything seems to indicate that it has finally succeeded, the research material will go to dispensaries from where probationers will be able to pick it up.

"The topic of the Study is: Use of standardized dried non-fiber cannabis in the process of activities aimed at rehab of patients addicted to hard drugs and other synthetic psychoactive substances.
hard drugs and other synthetic psychoactive

This means that, being a participant in the study, you fill out the appropriate questionnaires prepared by specialists, give samples for analysis and, after final qualification for the project by doctors, you receive dried cannabis as prescribed by them. During your visit to the doctor, you have a chance to tell what your attitude to cannabis use is, what you would like to change or keep as a result. And also how the legal system affects your use of non-fiber cannabis. Your opinion is important to us and can help many other cannabis users."

-reads the project's information brochure.

The head of the research project is the award-winning Dariusz Boroń, MD, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Educational Quality, who oversees the substantive side of the project and is the linchpin of the research efforts of the entire research team.

The Principal Investigator, however, is Dr. Michal Kowol, a psychiatrist at the County Hospital in Chrzanow, and it is he who oversees the correctness of the questionnaires and establishes the guidelines by which a candidate can be qualified for the study. Mr. Kowol writes about the project in the following words:

Dear Patient,

As a prerequisite for the survey, the consent of those taking part in the survey and the submission of the relevant statements are required. Thus, we ask for your consent to participate in the study. It is designed to develop an effective way for users to reduce or give up cannabis and hard drugs by replacing them with high-quality cannabis herb and preparations.

Participation involves, among other things, completing online surveys and medical consultations. The subjects are also subjected to observation by researchers. Hair or urine samples are taken from the subjects to verify their progress in the study. On the black market, traffickers in order to increase revenue contaminate cannabis products with substances that induce and exacerbate addiction such as amphetamines, methamphetamines, heroin or other synthetic psychoactive substances known as "legal highs." As a result, users of contaminated cannabis preparations fall into increasing addiction.

At any time it is possible to refuse further participation in the study without giving a reason and without consequences for further treatment.

The brochure for the study reads:

"We aim to reduce the contact of addicts with criminal circles, develop modern, rational and effective mechanisms to stabilize the circulation of cannabis-derived products, as well as develop appropriate models for counteracting drug addiction on the basis of sound legal solutions improving the current legislation.

If you feel that your life situation is forcing you to use drugs then there is another, perhaps better way to do it legally while using pharmaceutical-grade cannabis."

Cannabis House research project in practice

What will it look like in practice and how to take part in the study?

Any member of the Cannabis House association who is at least 21 years old and has paid membership fees can become a probationer (a person taking part in the study). Once enrolled, the proband will be able to pick up research material in the form of dried cannabis or an extract made from it at a designated dispensary, under certain conditions

There is a daily/one-time limit (no more than 10g/d. of dried cannabis, 5g/d. of extract,) and a monthly maximum (no more than 30g/month of dried cannabis, 15g/month of extract).

The probationer picking up the test material shares the cost of the infrastructure used to conduct the test, in the amount of PLN 40 per gram of the dry and PLN 200 per gram of the extract at a concentration of about 60%.

In this way, everyone who participates in the study also becomes a sponsor of this unique project.

All information and enrollment can be found at For information and the opportunity to sign up for the research project, you must first register on the association's website and become a member, as only members of the association can take part in the study.

Not only a research project

Since January of this year, representatives of the Cannabis House Association have participated continuously in the work of the standing subcommittee on bioeconomy and innovation in agriculture , thanks to which it was possible to introduce changes such as 0.3% THC in fiber hemp or Polish cultivation of medical marijuana within the framework of institutes, while these changes still leave much to be desired, this is the only thing that has been achieved in the past year, and yet in addition to CH others have also tried. Through the meetings of the aforementioned subcommittee, on 02.08.2021 a draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Counteracting Drug Addiction was submitted.

About the effects of the work of the said subcommittee, which translated into real changes, you will read T U T A J.

The Cannabis House Association has several more big projects in store, which are already happening and which we will certainly inform you about soon.