Ways to smoke marijuana - blunt, bottle bongo and more


Ways to smoke marijuana - blunt, bottle bongo and more

Probably more than once you had the opportunity to see in American comedies those incredible joints, with absurd shapes and sizes. In reality, however, it turns out that the creation of even the most ordinary, simple blunt is not so simple at all. If the phrase "make a joint" or "prepare a bottle" makes you blush with embarrassing ignorance, then this post is for you! We present you with interesting ways to smoke marijuana.

Guide - how to make a joint, a twist?

First of all, the boules

Smoking bongs come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, designs and even flavours. The paper should be as thin as possible, as thicker paper is harder to roll and stick together. To start your adventure with making joints, it is advisable to buy tobacco papers - they are sold in a convenient form and have a strip with glue. You can also buy blotters that are instantly shaped like a twist, but this is an extremely wasteful option and let's not kid ourselves - if you want to take shortcuts right from the start, you certainly won't learn how to make wonderful masterpieces in the future in the blink of an eye.

Secondly - filters and mouthpieces

The filter is an important element, because thanks to it our lips will not directly touch the delicate paper. So it protects us from soaking the cannabis and breaking the blet. We have a whole bunch of filters to choose from - long, thick, flavored, etc. Those dedicated to tobacco will also work.

Mouthpieces are a more interesting, but also cheaper alternative. We can make them out of cardboard packaging, such as billets, or buy a whole set of them for less than 2 PLN. Plain, unprinted card is a healthier choice because some printer inks may cause poisonous fumes when burned. Mouthpieces made of harder materials, such as glass or wood, are also a good option. The former will last for several or even more than a dozen sittings, while the latter get dirty more quickly but provide a better smoking experience. The disadvantage of mouthpieces is that they do not filter the smoke in any way.

Thirdly - weed

Remember to buy good quality marijuana. It doesn't make any sense to go for quantity and turn a blind eye to a nasty taste - it's not worth wasting your lungs on poor blends. Thanks to growers, there are thousands of varieties and strains all over the world: their quality, strength and properties can vary greatly. This has led to the rise of "herbal connoisseurs" who say things like "oh, what a subtle sativa!" or "let's talk about the flavor bouquet of this joint." While such talk may seem great, leave it to the real experts. Steer clear of people who consider themselves experts even though they've only smoked a few joints in their lives.

Make sure that the weed you buy has visible parts and is not just dry dust. Quality cannabis is grown, dried and transported under optimal conditions so that the delicate flower buds, the source of THC, are protected. If there is a mold smell coming from the mix, throw it out right away! Mold and fungus are capable of damaging the lungs and causing dangerous diseases to develop at an alarming rate.

Okay, now that you have all the necessary ingredients with you, it's time to make a standard joint, a twist! Where to start.

Take out your roll, unfold it but don't straighten it (leave a natural bend).

2 Place a strainer/mouthpiece on either end (some people prefer to do this after they've finished rolling, but it's easier to give the blunt a straight shape based on the strainer).

3 Pour in your cannabis. Don't overdo it - the leaner joints are easier to roll to begin with.

Now for the hard part - hold the blunt in both hands. Use your index finger to hold the back of the joint (which is where the glue strip is if you're using a standard joint) and your thumbs to hold the front.

Move your thumbs up and down across the paper - keep your index fingers still. This will make the paper more flexible and distribute the marijuana evenly.

When the front of the roll starts to curl up under the glue strip, you can moisten it - the easiest way is to just lick it (the downside is that the roll may stick to your tongue and tear the paper) and glue the two pieces together. Done!

Despite appearances, it's not as easy as avid smokers claim, so don't be discouraged if your first dozen or so joints look like zombies. Practice makes perfect, even in this case. Once you've mastered the basics you'll be able to reach for the less standard types of rollers and create cones, tulips, or diamonds!

Guide #2 - How to use a bottle for smoking?

Bongo's can be made from a myriad of objects, and there's certainly one you'll always have on hand - an ordinary plastic bottle. It also makes it easier for you to learn how a bongo works, so you'll easily be able to replace it with anything else in the future. Below we briefly describe two related methods which not only give you a nice kick but also don't require any hard to find items.

Both techniques require a two-liter (or similar) bottle - just a regular plastic bottle of water, juice or soda. It needs to be rinsed of any remaining contents, and then cut into two parts - approximately 1/3 from the bottom. Aluminum foil is placed over the mouthpiece (loosely so it can be shaped) and gently pierced several times to allow air to flow through.

For the "third lung" method, a sealed plastic bag is taped in place of the cut off portion. This can be done with duct tape. When everything is stable we place it inside the bottle. Next we place the foil over the marijuana and with the help of a lighter we burn it. With your other hand, you slowly pull the plastic bag out of the bottle - you do this to create a vacuum inside the bottle, which will cause the air (and smoke) to go deep into the bottle. Once the entire bag is pulled out, we pull the foil off the mouthpiece and can inhale the smoke from inside the bottle.

The "bucket" method works similarly, but it requires a large (at least 10 liter) container filled about 2/3 full of water. The bottle is placed in the bucket (pot, bowl, etc.) and held so that it does not float. Aluminum foil for the mouthpiece - marijuana on it - smoking it with a lighter. We lift the bottle slowly, which causes the vacuum to fill it with air and smoke. We pull off the foil, inhale, and laugh.

Other ways to smoke marijuana

We have presented the most popular methods of smoking marijuana, but there are still a whole bunch of them. We can come up with our own favourite methods, shapes of joints or bongs. Here's some inspiration to help you see the many ways you can smoke cannabis, some of them bizarre.

How to make a bongo from an apple

Remove the core from a medium or large apple - use a sharp knife to cut a cone from the stem into the core of the apple without damaging the base. Insert a fairly thick straw at a 45 degree angle into the hole. On top of it we put the perforated foil, on it the marijuana - we set fire and pull. We have just made an apple pipe. Now you know how to make a bongo.

Toilet paper roll

An odd method, not often seen, quite dangerous, but also very accessible and simple. You make a small hole in the toilet paper roll at one end. We put foil over it and proceed as in any of the above methods. As you inhale, cover the end of the roll with your hand. It's hard to call what we just did anything.