Foundation420 - Mata launches pro-legalization project


Foundation420 - Mata launches pro-legalization project

Foundation420 - that's what Mata has named his new project, which aims to work for legalization. Young Matczak announced everything yesterday, that is, on 4/20. We learned that Mata spent the last few weeks with Young Leosia in Jamaica where, in addition to smoking a lot of weed, they recorded three tracks to promote the project, which also premiered yesterday. Unfortunately, they garnered rather negative reviews. The whole thing is more of a loose entertainment project in a pro-legalization atmosphere than a substantively backed serious action that can bring real change. This is evidenced, among other things, by Mata's statements, from which it is clear that the originator of the project, has a rather superficial knowledge of cannabis and simply mindlessly glorifies weed boasting that he smokes a lot and often. Zero substance or informed message.

Foundation420 - Mata launches pro-legalization project

Not so long ago, the vast majority of Polish media reported on the detention by the police, the young rapper Mata. The detention was related to the musician's possession of a small amount of marijuana. Shortly thereafter, during the Empik Bestsellers Gala, he announced that he was starting a fight to decriminalize marijuana, read about it T U T A J.

Yesterday, on World Cannabis Day i.e. 4/20, the rapper announced the creation of a project called Foundation420, Mata released three tracks for the occasion. They were all created over the past few weeks during Young Matczak's stay in Jamaica, where he was accompanied by Young Leosia. Unfortunately, listeners have not left a dry note on the tracks created in Jamaica, including in the studio where Bob Marley recorded. We, after hearing them, are unlikely to return to them either. Never.

"Leo and I are just back from Jamaica, where we smoked legal marijuana for a whole week. We feel very good. It was a very active trip, during which we recorded three songs and three videos from scratch, and in the meantime we toured almost the entire island. Many people call this place a mecca for music, and I have to admit they are right, because I have never created with such ease before and nowhere."

-informed Mata, who says this about the establishment of the Foundation420 project:

Creating art is my passion and work, from which millions of Poles draw their energy every month. In turn, I sometimes draw my energy from cannabis, which grows on its own in every other field, and for which possession is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. I think this is unfair, and I say this as a musician for whom this stimulant is about the same as an energizer for a trucker (only slightly less harmful). I don't want to go to jail just to study or go to the movies and enjoy life in peace, which is why, together with friends, artists and cannabis activists, I'm setting up the 420 Foundation, whose main goal is to decriminalize cannabis in Poland.

Of course, it's hard not to agree that imprisoning people for growing or possessing marijuana for personal recreational use is sick and unjust. It is also a fact that cannabis is less harmful than so-called "energies. However, writing that cannabis, the possession of which is punishable by up to 10. years, grows just like that in every other field is already nonsense, which should never come from the mouth of a person aspiring to educate about cannabis or organize all sorts of pro-cannabis actions.

Unfortunately, it is in vain to look for substantive, anything contributing statements about cannabis from Mata. Whether in texts or anywhere else. Mainly he boasts that he smokes quite a lot even though he can't even roll joints. Also, his speech at the Empik gala was heavily criticized even by cannabis circles, which was due to the use of the statement that "this drug needs to be legalized."

Well, Mata created for himself a stoned alter-ego that is Skute Bobo. As Skute Bobo, Young Matczak glorifies marijuana smoking in one of the worst possible ways - for example, he mindlessly says he smokes 10 joints a day even though he doesn't know how to roll, mindlessly glorifies marijuana as a harmless stimulant and all-around cool. Every now and then pointing out how he likes to get high. Zero deeper cannabis thought, zero education. I wouldn't have a problem with this if it weren't about a creator whose audience is mostly underage, who in addition now aspires to be a cannabis educator.

Mata is the idol of millions of teenagers, and all he has done so far on the subject of cannabis is to foolishly reel off that he likes it a lot, and in large quantities. This is not education, this is stupid and mindless glorification of marijuana among the people who listen to Michal's work.

I'm waiting for Skute Bobo to explain to his fans that if, like him, they smoke every day, and not a little - they should stop and focus on development and self-realization, there will still be time for smoking - development may be too late at some point.

The very idea of a cannabis-themed compilation or mixtape has already come to us. There were two projects, PropaGanja, of which there were several editions - an educational non-profit project where you could hear ambitious and thoughtful lyrics on cannabis and anti-government issues. The second item was the Fat Joints project, which had two editions. Both projects carried a huge dose of education, facts and arguments.

The musical layer of Mata's project I do not judge, I am not a music critic. What I will say is that so far I have not come across a positive evaluation of any of the three tracks published yesterday. On the other hand, I myself know after one listen that I will not return to them.

Well, I'll be tempted to make an assessment: If someone's push for legalization is being branded with such crap - they'll be punishing us for a long time to come for possession.

For the rest, see for yourself, the first of the three tracks can be found T U T A J.

I end this text returning from the Cannabis Industry Development Forum - Kanabiz, where I had the pleasure of participating in one of the panels at the event. I had the opportunity to ask several people, well-known and respected in the industry, to comment. Unfortunately, no one spoke positively about the Mata project precisely through the prism that the silly glorification of the herb - this is the only thing Skute Bobo is doing so far. Several times I heard the statement that if this is how the legalization of cannabis is supposed to look like - maybe it would be better to make it illegal, half-jokingly, of course. No one serious in the cannabis community takes the establishment of Foundation420 seriously.

Yes, Mata as one of the most popular artists today could definitely support pro-legalization efforts. But not in the way he is doing it so far because the level of these activities is simply embarrassing.