Polish celebrities get into the cannabis business and cheat customers big time!


Polish celebrities get into the cannabis business and cheat customers big time!

Red Lipstick Monster, Pezet or Kuba Wojewódzki with Palikot - Polish celebrities are getting into the cannabis industry and cheating customers to the hilt! The people who bought the product signed by their idol lose out, and the cannabis industry also loses out, because almost always the product purchased has little to do with its description in the online store where it was purchased. What's more, in order to lend credibility to their rubbish, some people pretend to be hemp experts and publish supposedly educational content about hemp, which is rife with errors and untruths, which simply harms general hemp awareness. Here's more information.

A few words of introduction about CBD and CBG oils

The benefits of using CBD and CBG hemp oils are enormous. Both for people who use them interveningly for health reasons, as well as for healthy people, for whom it helps to achieve calmness and tranquility, supports the quality of sleep, improves appetite, and often has an analgesic effect. And these are just a few of the possible benefits that come from using CBD and CBG oils.

However, in order for hemp oil to work properly, an entourage effect is necessary, which literally means "ambient effect." Simply put, in a high-quality CBD oil, cannabidiol is found surrounded by other cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids found naturally in the hemp plant. Only the synergistic action of all these plant compounds gives the full effect of the hemp product. Such oils are referred to as "full spectrum," meaning they have the full spectrum of the plant from which they are made. Therefore, full spectrum oils made in exactly the same way but from different varieties of hemp will have slightly different effects with the same CBD content - the action of cannabinoids is in large part defined by terpenes.

There are also hemp CBD products made using CBD isolate, which is cannabidiol isolated from the plant in powdered form. The production of such an oil looks like this: powdered cannabidiol isolate is added to a relatively very cheap hemp extract made from low-quality hemp biomass, which contains some CBD and trace amounts of other cannabinoids. In this way, the final product is obtained. Such a product is easy to recognize, first of all, by the certificate confirming the concentration of cannabinoids. If (as in the graphics below) the graph shows a CBD or CBG peak that is significantly larger than the other peaks (the maximum values shown on the graph) then you can be sure that this is a product with the addition of an isolate. A product obtained naturally by extracting the plant material will have much smaller differences in peaks.

Products created from isolate will never achieve all the benefits of CBD or CBG or hemp per se. CBD or CBG will also never be fully effective without the ambient effect.

Polish celebrities are getting into the hemp business and cheating customers big time!

On the wave of CBD's growing popularity, Red Lipstick Monster, Kuba Wojewódzki with Janusz Palikot and rapper Pezet, among others, have decided to create their own hemp brands.

Each describes their products as FULL SPECTRUM, unfortunately in each case it is a lie and deceiving customers.

The BeeZee brand of oils from Red Lipstick Monster is a product on an isolate. The manufacturer is deceiving customers by claiming otherwise.

BUH oils from Voivod and Palikot are made from isolate. The brand owners are also deceiving you.

Magenta CBD oils from Pezet - I've been waiting ten days for the promised certificate from the lab, instead I only receive various explanations as to why I haven't received it yet, the explanation that the only person with access to the certificate is on vacation doesn't appeal to me, especially since this is basic information about the product, which the customer should receive immediately when he asks for it. There is also no way to contact the only distributor of the product, the phone is silent to emails there is no answer. Therefore, as soon as we receive the results of the study - we will share them. The second issue is that Pezet sells products with a concentration of 5% as products with a concentration of 10% at a price of PLN 199 for 10 ml! I don't even know how to comment on this.

Red Lipstick Monster and the manufacturers of the BUH brand (now with CBD oil, from an isolate), as proof that I'm wrong, showed certificates that directly show that these are products on isolates, which are described as full spectrum. This situation showed that these people, having no idea about hemp, create themselves as experts, "educate" their audience in the worst possible way after which they push their lies on them to sell their made as cheaply as possible oil. They deceive you by taking advantage of the growing popularity of cannabis, lying to you for profit by taking advantage of the fact that not everyone has expertise and can verify the product.

The farthest went Ewa Grzelakowska known as Red Lipstick Monster . The cosmetics lady has decided that she is now an expert on cannabis and has published, as she puts it, an educational video in which she explains how to read the results shown on the certificate. There would be nothing wrong with this if the makeup artist hadn't presented the product results on the isolate - as a full spectrum product! Deceiving customers level master.

The producers of the BUH oil (including Janusz Palikot and Kuba Wojewódzki), in order to show that their product is full spectrum, showed a certificate, from which it directly shows that it is a product on isolate. They refused to answer further questions.

Both Ms. Grzelakowska and the producers of BUH oil, in their defense, showed lab results, unfortunately confirming my words. On the other hand, when I wrote back to them that the test results of their products, which they themselves commissioned, show that they are definitely products on isolate - contact was lost.

The fact that celebrities want to cash in on the hemp trend in this way is sad, but even sadder is the fact that there happen to be hemp-related so-called influencers who, instead of catching such topics - choose to pat themselves on the back and willingly support such scams by showing up at their launches etc. It's also sad that even when they get information that they are promoting a scam - as part of patting themselves on the back and lack of balls (or brains) they don't admit that they made a mistake just keep going on!

And the fact that celebrities are getting into the cannabis industry could help the industry, but so far no one has done it right.