Missing Puzzles 420 - classic entertainment for cannabis lovers


Missing Puzzles 420 - classic entertainment for cannabis lovers

Are you looking for a gift for a cannabis fan? Or do you have a taste for quality entertainment? There may be many reasons to get yourself a Missing Puzzles 420, but in each case it will be the right choice. Missing Puzzles in cooperation with Cabin7, an acclaimed Las Vegas-based artist, present a joint project under the 420 banner. These are the world's first 420-piece high quality puzzles featuring cannabis-themed artwork by Cabin7, which are fun and a great exercise for the brain. Do you like putting together puzzles?

Missing Puzzles 420 - a classic pastime for cannabis lovers

Putting together puzzles is a classic entertainment for hours. Great fun, and at the same time it is a good exercise for the brain: training perceptiveness, short-term and visual memory, and developing creative thinking. In addition, patience and concentration are exercised, and working on arranging puzzles resembles meditation - you can cut yourself off from the world and focus only on arranging the next pieces.

On the other hand, Missing Puzzles are limited series of puzzles inspired by contemporary culture, skateboarding, graffiti, illustration, design, photography. Designed for adults, for entertainment and collection purposes. Not suitable for human consumption.

Missing Puzzles In collaboration with Cabin7, a Las Vegas-based artist who likes to incorporate non-intrusive cannabis motifs into her work, they have created the world's first puzzle with 420 pieces created for everyone who loves chill, nature and our beloved plants.

"Mountain Chill" and "Chill out plant lady" are the titles of two illustrations from Cabin7 that have been broken into 420 pieces. You can find both of them on T U T A J. Also check out Missing Puzzles 420 T U T A J's Instagram, you'll find other MP designs there as well.

Both themes are very interesting and atmospheric in our opinion, and the hemp motifs are smuggled in in a thoughtful and unobtrusive way, which we like a lot.

The puzzle was released in a limited edition of 150 pieces, consists of 420 pieces, and the size of the stacked puzzle is 63.5 x 50.8 cm - quite a big picture. The quality of workmanship is high (stay high!), and the pieces are sturdy and won't get damaged even if you arrange them 420 times!