Bride added herb to dishes at wedding. She faces 30 years in prison


Bride added herb to dishes at wedding. She faces 30 years in prison

The bride added the herb to her wedding dishes. She stuffed cakes and other sweets, bread and main dishes with hemp. Or, more precisely, she had the herb added to all the dishes, and the cook did the job. The dishes with the special ingredient were enjoyed by everyone, both children and the elderly. Unfortunately, for some guests the dose was far too much, Paranoia, anxiety, terror, accelerated heart rate occurred, and 8 people were hospitalized. Now both the bride and the cook face 30 years in prison or more.

The bride added the herb to the food at the wedding. She faces 30 years in prison

Danya Shea Glenny Svoboda of Longwood, USA, presumably wanting to make sure all the guests had a good time, had marijuana added to the wedding dishes. All of them. Probably so that there would be no doubt that someone would miss out on the fun. Unfortunately, the wedding guests are unlikely to remember the evening fondly, or at least not all of them. The amounts of ganja added to the food were too much for some and eight of them ended up in the hospital. Marijuana was found in sweets as well as main dishes or bread. As a result, it was also consumed by children and the elderly. Now the irresponsible American woman and the cook who prepared the dishes could spend at least 30 years in prison.

The 42-year-old bride and Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, who was in charge of the catering, prepared quite a surprise for the wedding guests by serving dishes infused with marijuana, unfortunately it caused anxiety, paranoia and heart problems in some of them, eight people were hospitalized.

Police officers investigating the case found traces of marijuana both in the dishes and on the tableware on which the food was served.

One of the bride's friends present at the wedding admitted that she thought she was going to die. After eating the THC-infused dishes, she didn't know what was happening to her and felt very sick. She added that she felt cheated by a person she trusted.

Both the bride and the cook could now be sentenced to 30 years in prison or more if they answer all the charges against them. A hearing is scheduled for July.

Serving marijuana in such a way to people unaware of it is very irresponsible. First of all, marijuana in edibles has a much stronger effect than, for example, smoked marijuana. The effects appear only after at least an hour however they are very strong and last 4-8 hours or even longer. Another issue is tolerance, which is extremely low in some people and all they need is a trace amount of weed eaten for the effects to be so strong as to be unpleasant. Giving THC to children and the unsuspecting elderly is foolishness off the scale.