What herb for dinner: a new culinary trend


What herb for dinner: a new culinary trend

Did you know that the Headband variety goes best with beef tartare, shrimp will perfectly complement Pakistani Kush and chocolate dessert will take on a whole new flavor if you smoke Platinum Girl Scout Cookies on occasion?

We should think of cannabis as a fine wine, believes Philip Wolf

, a chef specializing in dishes with cannabis. Different varieties even perfectly complement dishes, creating an unparalleled harmony of flavors.

How to combine the herb with dishes

? Reportedly, stimulating sativa strains pair best with light fish and vegetable dishes, while calming indica will perfectly complement heavier dishes such as steaks.

Wolf organizes the famous Sensational Fusion Experience

, a five-course dinner with wine and a joint, where participants learn how to identify and match cannabis strains to meals. He argues that it's not at all about just getting high with anything. With an enthusiasm that can be compared to sommeliers testing wine, he talks about terpenes (aromatic components present in cannabis) and flavors that perfectly complement exquisite dishes. Do you like it? Like us

The interest in the topic is evidenced by the popularity of the dinner. Although it means an expense of $249/person, Wolf holds at least two such events a month. Each evening begins with a visit to a local retailer, where attendees can stock up on needed varieties.

Also growing in popularity are cannabis-infused cooking classes, which, after all, also don't boil down to tossing handfuls of dried cannabis

into cupcakes. Some compare the classes to mixology courses, the art of blending spirits and additives into fancy cocktails.

What do you think, will we live to see such courses in Poland?

Source: Jodi Helmer, Men's Journal