Bruce Banner Auto - legendary power now in an autoflowering version from Mr. Pestka Crew


Bruce Banner Auto - legendary power now in an autoflowering version from Mr. Pestka Crew

Bruce Banner Auto is a great option for any grower looking to get a quality crop under European skies. This is an autoflowering version of the already legendary genetics that is Bruce Banner #3, which is one of the strongest strains created so far. For many users it is the number one strain e.g. in Spanish cannabis clubs.

Bruce Banner Auto - legendary power now in autoflowering version from Mr. Pestka Crew

In Marvel comics, Bruce Banner is none other than the powerfully muscular and green super-hero HULK, whom Bruce transformed into under the influence of, among other emotions. Not surprisingly, the creators of the new genetics created from the combination of OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel named the newly created strain after the Marvel character, their Bruce Banner has a fuck as powerful as the HULK!

As I mentioned before, this is a strain created by combining two great genetics which are undoubtedly OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. For years, it has been one of the strongest strains in terms of THC content, the concentration of which in this case is 25-30%.

Now the gentlemen of Mr. Pestka Crew have released Bruce Banner in an autoflowering version. Autoflowering BB genetics from Mr. Pestka takes about 70 days from germination to harvest and has incredible potency.

The aromas present in the case of Bruce Banner Auto are sweet, diesel with noticeable earthy notes.

With THC production of 23-25%, Bruce Banner Auto has become by far the strongest strain in the Mr. Pestka Crew catalog dethroning Auto Cream Candy, which has been considered the strongest automatic by PPC customers to date.

Short flowering period, great taste and just a very high potency are the main advantages of the strain, which we recommend to all amateurs of growing under the European sun in the season 2k21 and every next season as well, of course in countries that legally allow it.

The text is informative and educational and is intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of non-fiber hemp in Poland is prohibited and not encouraged.