Magenta CBD - Pezet releases its own CBD dryer


Magenta CBD - Pezet releases its own CBD dryer

Magenta CBD, that's the name of the line of CBD dried food that Pezet is behind. The rapper will launch sales of his product as early as May. Why is Pezet betting on CBD dry? Here is more information.

Magenta CBD or dried hemp from Pezet

Pezet used the premiere of his new music video to inform the world about his new hemp project.

On the occasion of the premiere of the "Amber Gold" music video, Pezet announced the launch of his CBD product brand, MAGENTA CBD. The first limited edition of dried and pre-rolls will be available for purchase starting May 7.

-reads the musician's hemp project Facebook channel

I have been straight edge for more than 10 years, although I try to present an attitude that does not impose anything on anyone. I believe that everything is for people. I myself do not use psychoactive substances, I only drink good coffee and have been using CBD for several years. I started because of various health, neurological and musculoskeletal injury problems. It helped me a lot and I was able to get back to training. I also think CBD is a sign of the times, I often smoke joints with CBD and feel good afterwards

- Pezet said.

Those who represent the Straight Edge movement, among other things, do not use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs and stimulants, do not eat meat, and sometimes avoid using animal products.

Pezet's dry will be available from May 7.

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