How to make Bhang Lassi, a traditional Indian hemp drink


How to make Bhang Lassi, a traditional Indian hemp drink

Well, it's Bhang! Or rather, Bhang Lassi. A traditional Hindu intoxication drink, consumed in India for centuries, for medicinal and recreational purposes such as during Holi (the festival of spring). Along with our indigenous Seedwort, and Moroccan Majoun, this is one of the traditional hemp recipes consumed in various corners of the world for many, many years.

We need:

400ml of milk,
2 tablespoons of butter (preferably clarified),
2g of ground, boiled herb after decarboxylation
almonds (preferably powdered)
spices (pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves,)
honey or sugar

Grind the boiled goodness with a tablespoon of butter, almonds and a few tablespoons of milk until a paste is formed. Heat the rest of the milk with the remaining butter and spices. Then add the paste and cook on low heat for 20 minutes. Sweeten with honey or sugar. Pour through a strainer and drink. You can garnish with saffron and pistachios.

As I had a surplus of mangoes at home recently, the drink you see here is Mango Bhang Lassi. I added the finished Bhang Lassi to the blended mango and added a few tablespoons of natural yogurt. The effect was quite pleasant.

The finished Mango Bhang Lassi drinkDavid