Mata announces the fight for the decriminalization of the herb, which he declared yesterday at the Empik Bestseller Gala


Mata announces the fight for the decriminalization of the herb, which he declared yesterday at the Empik Bestseller Gala

Mata announces fight for depenalization of weed. The young rapper, receiving an award for his album "Young Matczak" at yesterday's Empik Bestseller Gala, announced that his much-publicized arrest for possession of 1.5 grams of dried cannabis was not a publicity stunt. In the wake of the detention, Matczak announced that he was launching a fight to decriminalize the herb. His statement was commented on by Artur Rojek, Peja, Marcin Prokop, Monika Olejnik or Patryk Vega, among others. We, on the other hand, wonder how young Matczak could support the push for cannabis decriminalization.

Matczak announces fight for the depenalization of the herb

Mata couldn't be with us today, but here's me - Skute Bobo. Listen, I wanted to say something. I, two weeks ago, was caught for possession of marijuana. I wanted to debunk something. A lot of people think it was some kind of publicity stunt. It wasn't a promotional stunt. I was simply at work, a hard day. I finished work, went to the ball with a colleague. My colleagues and I wanted to have a little fun. We were caught by policemen

- said the young rapper during yesterday's award presentation at the Empik Bestsellers gala

He thus referred to the situation of his recent arrest by the police for possession of 1.5 grams of marijuana. The musician spent the night in the police hole, and his apartment was searched. The whole situation reverberated in media of all kinds and was widely commented on by various circles.

Now the author of the "Young Matczak" album has decided to capitalize on the hype surrounding his cannabis adventure and has announced a fight for the decriminalization of marijuana and announced that the whole of Poland is in love with the herb.

I believe that marijuana, all of Poland is in love with it, and I wanted to announce that because of this situation and what the media has done, I want to publicize the topic of marijuana in Poland. To start the fight for the decriminalization of this drug, because I think it is important especially in our community, artistic, musical. It has been an inspiration to musicians for many years in fact. Thank you for the award and I would like to ask my fans and music fans to join the fight for the decriminalization of marijuana

- announced Mata

During the gala, Artur Rojek and Vito Bambino, among others, announced that they would support him in this. Peja, on the other hand, who was in attendance, stated that Mata's use of the word "drug" may have done more harm than good to the cause.

After the gala, the issue was also commented on by, among others, Marcin Prokop, praising Matczak for speaking openly about what is on his heart. Monika Olejnik admitted that politicians should lean on the depenalization issue, and Patryk Vega warned against addiction.

We, on the other hand, wonder how the Empik statuette winner could support the depenalization of weed.

Mata has been a highly recognizable artist in recent months, but the fact that most Poles under the age of thirty probably know of his existence does not mean that everyone is familiar with his work. The average age of his listeners is probably well under twenty. This, of course, is not a bad thing, it's just a matter of the fact that most of his audience tends to support not even the decriminalization of marijuana, but its complete legalization. There is no need to convince them.

However, if he began to publicize marijuana-related absurdities such as prison sentences for people who saved their health and lives with cannabis, that a zero-tolerance policy only leads to increased sales of marijuana on the black market, sales completely unchecked aimed solely at profit where the dealer does not ask for proof. That outlawing this market in no way means limiting access to cannabis, on the contrary, the demand for cannabis is so high that there will always be those willing to make money from it. If Michal Matczak had carried out an action based on arguments that would then be repeated by the national media then public awareness of cannabis could have increased. If he had encouraged his listeners to get the older generations in their families interested in the topic, it wouldn't have been too bad either. The worst thing to do is to say publicly that "this drug must be legalized."

Unfortunately, no matter how Mata tries, as long as PiS is in power in Poland - nothing will change in this matter. It should be remembered that the politicians who decide on the status of marijuana are not interested in the opinion of any rapper on the subject. They see marijuana as a very dangerous drug that is responsible for a huge number of deaths (the words of MP Dolata of the Law and Justice Party, among others), and any loosening of regulations on the matter is unthinkable for them.

However, let's remember that public education is equally important, and when the change of the current government comes, it is worthwhile for cannabis awareness to be at the highest possible level. Therefore, the more recognizable people talk about it the better. It is also equally important that they use the right language and arguments.