The tastiest fruit strains


The tastiest fruit strains

Cannabis plants offer a wide variety of aromas and flavors, and each strain has its own unique bouquet. These unique and defining characteristics are created through careful, consistent and optimal blending right from the cultivation stage. Obtaining the desired aromas in this way is very time consuming. On the other hand, however, there are methods for quickly artificially flavoring cannabis, both before and after harvest. The process of chemically providing flavor is manageable for most growers, but it is unlikely to satisfy the needs of true cannabis connoisseurs and purists. Besides, natural fruity strains have additional potential health benefits that obviously won't be found in chemical substitutes.

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Terpenes and terpenoids

There is a wide range of compounds found in marijuana, and only some of them are fully studied. The compounds responsible for the smell are referred to as terpenes and terpenoids. Terpenes are a large group of aromatic hydrocarbons, while terpenoids are derivatives of terpenes formed by oxidation. Most terpenes are highly unstable, which is why they can be smelled so strongly even in larger rooms at room temperature.

Oxidized terpenes, the terpenoids, greatly alter the composition of marijuana and can affect the taste and aroma. Improper handling of this process is a major reason why different batches of the same cannabis strain sometimes taste different.

Studies have shown that certain terpenes and terpenoids can have a sedative effect. Some say that terpenes are the main contributors to minimizing the symptoms resulting from THC ingestion - thus, diminishing anxiety and anxiety attacks. It's worth noting that the synergistic effect of cannabinoids, terpenes, and terpenoids, which depends on the unique biochemistry of the user's body, is responsible for the feeling of high, or general relaxation and joy. This phenomenon is called the entourage effect.

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Fruity scents of cannabis

Some strains of cannabis have a smell with an uncanny resemblance to fruit. These particular aromas are loved by many, and for most they are one of the most positive aspects when smoking. Strains that resemble fruity smells usually offer a better experience as well, making you feel happier and calmer. The rather specific effects of THC manifesting as anxiety is rarely a problem, it is more certain that when opting for fruity strains we are more likely to just sit on the couch all evening laughing to tears at our favorite movie.

The most dominant terpenes found in fruit-flavored cannabis are myrcene and limonene.

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Mircene is a terpene found in large amounts in mangoes, and is also present in cannabis. It is believed that myrcene facilitates the uptake of cannabinoids in the brain, and therefore causes the effects of marijuana to be enhanced and prolonged. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and is also used as a muscle relaxant. In high doses, it can be a sedative. Strains with high doses of myrcene usually provide strong body relaxation.

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Limonene is a terpene associated with citrus fruits. Cannabis flavoured with it has the strongest long-lasting effect and maximises feelings of happiness. At the same time, it has significant relaxing properties. Limonene has a wide range of applications - it is used in weight loss therapies, as well as in cosmetics designed to improve skin condition. Limonene can help with depression and chronic anxiety and also has strong anti-inflammatory effects.

There are many other terpenes found in the fruity aroma of marijuana. Some of these include undecyl aldehyde, mentholum valerianicum, geraniol, valerian, terpineol-4-ol, β-ions, and β-phenols.

The 5 most delicious strains with a fruity taste

For all those who love fruity scents and flavors, we've put together a top list of the top five strains with just such a flavor. They are at the forefront of world-class quality and contain the optimal ratio of all ingredients. You could say - welcome to fruit, it's healthy!


The genetics of this hybrid include a variety of tropical sativa strains from around the world. This combination results in a plant that has a strong, sweet, specific aroma. The most dominant flavour in the palette is of course the pineapple. This strain provides a comfortable high, relaxing and mood-enhancing, so it's perfect for sitting on the sofa with your best friends.


Somango is a hybrid strain from the breeders at Soma Seeds. It is 75% indica. Parent strains include Jack Herer, Super Skunk and Korean Big Skunk. The name of the strain comes from mango, but with this plant the taste is so intense that the prefix "so" had to be added! When you smoke it, you not only taste the fruit, but also a wide range of floral notes. Somango has an effect not only on the physical sphere, but also on the mind. It provides a feeling of relaxation without unnecessary fatigue or tiredness.


Haze Berry is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Blueberry. It is an 80% sativa hybrid with a sweet berry flavor. The strain is very potent and usually contains more than 20% THC. Haze Berry can bring a high euphoria that is ideal for creative people. The feeling then gradually changes to a state of complete relaxation.


Super Lemon Haze is a sativa with a strong citrus aroma. This plant has a very high THC level, averaging between 15-20%. It is a good choice for experienced smokers, and when you use it you will release a thick and smooth smoke that is very aromatic. This strain has a strong effect on the psyche, giving you the willpower to dance and party the night away.


Fruit Spirit is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by Royal Queen Seeds. The fruity aromas of this strain are quite complex and largely dependent on individual taste sensations - some may find spicy notes in it, but mostly it is an extremely sweet blend. After smoking this strain we become very talkative and happy, creative predispositions increase. So it works well at parties with friends or when meeting new people.