Hemp in the kitchen: hemp infusions in your kitchen - welcome to the online training course


Hemp in the kitchen: hemp infusions in your kitchen - welcome to the online training course

Hemp in the kitchen: hemp infusions in your kitchen - we invite you to the online training course, which will be held on the 1st of October. Last year's edition of the course was quite popular. What can you expect this year? The upcoming training organized by Gosia Szakula, or Smiling Spoon, will be devoted to learning how to prepare home infusions, or dishes with extracts from the cannabis herb. During the training, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practice on how to properly carry out the extraction process, calculate the dosage of CBD or THC in their extract, use hemp infused fat in their recipes and much more. We also have a surprise for our readers in the form of free participation in the training sessions. Here's more information.

Hemp in the kitchen: hemp infusions in your kitchen - welcome to the online training course

The course "Hemp in the Kitchen: hemp infusions is a great opportunity to gain a solid knowledge of hemp cooking. Hemp is an incredibly valuable source of both cannabinoids and many micro and macro components (grain, flour oil).

To all those who would like to include hemp in their diet, but who do not have the culinary skills and knowledge, with help comes Gosia Szakuła known as Smiling Spoon with her hemp cookbook. the item contains 30 recipes for dishes with CBD and 30 recipes for dishes with THC (medical marijuana). For more on the book, "Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen," read T U T A J.

In addition to the publishing position, Smiling Spoon periodically organizes courses on hemp cooking. During the upcoming workshop scheduled for October 1, you will learn all about hemp infusions and extract preparation.

In addition to complete theory on each step of making homemade hemp extracts, participants will also learn about the plant's properties. Meanwhile, the lecture will be followed by an online practical class, during which participants will prepare their own extracts.

Theory and practice of hemp cooking

During the course scheduled for October 1, participants will receive a good dose of theoretical knowledge on how to use hemp in the kitchen in such a way that it does not lose its properties. But of course, that's not all, in addition to this and knowledge of hemp infusions, participants will learn the secrets of cooking with hemp products and prepare together:

Smoothie with hemp protein
Sandwiches with vegan hemp-based cottage cheese
Summer salad with peach, goat cheese with a flavorful sprinkling of hemp seeds
Zucchini pancakes with hemp flour with hemp pesto, Greek yogurt
Instant chocolate custard made of millet groats with hemp infused butter

In the price of the course, participants also receive the book "Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen" and a set of unique hemp products needed to prepare Full Spectrum brand dishes. The kit includes, among other things, shelled hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp protein, 5g of dried CBD and a tea.

Participation in the workshop gives participants a unique package of knowledge and experience, as well as the tools to deepen them and continue their adventure with hemp cuisine.

Highly recommended!

For more information about the workshop, see T U T A J

And for our readers we have a surprise - the opportunity to win a free participation in the workshop. What to do to have a chance to win one? Just go to our Facebook and publicly share a post announcing the training. Among the readers who do so, we will choose two people who will receive vouchers from us for free participation in the course.