Medical marijuana extract for use in vape pens now available to patients


Medical marijuana extract for use in vape pens now available to patients

Medical marijuana extract for use in vape pens is now available to Polish patients. At the moment, the service of making the extract is offered by one pharmacy in Wroclaw, which is currently the only one to receive the product by prescription, but there is a possibility of delivering the drug to larger cities across the country. This is the first product of its kind on our market. Here is the prescription template and detailed information.

Medical marijuana extract for use in vape pens

An alternative form of medical marijuana therapy - extractum purum 80% THC - has finally appeared in Poland. It is a purified extract of medical marijuana intended for vaporization using a standard vape pen. The extract does not contain any additives, excipients or solvents, it is made only from registered pharmaceutical raw materials ( i.e. varieties available in pharmacies).

The extract for vaporization is available as a prescription drug, prepared in pharmacies on the basis of a prescription.

Use of the drug

The patient picks up a syringe containing 0.9 ml of medical marijuana extract with a THC concentration of 80% at the pharmacy. NOTE: The patient does not receive the product in a vape pen at the pharmacy, but in a syringe. The process of "injecting" the extract into the device is on the patient's side. However, we reassure you - it is trivially easy, below you can see a short instructional video.

Here are the instructions for filling in downloadable as a PDF file: Medical marijuana extract

Prescription template:

Cannateka, which collaborated on the launch of the product on our market, focuses on patient education in the field of medical cannabis therapy and supports pharmacists both on the scientific side - technically, and on the clinical side - dosing.

On you will find a lot of useful information and get answers to any questions you may have about the new form of taking medical marijuana. We also recommend contacting us via FB: Cannateka on FB and Cannateka FB Group.

We know that work is underway to introduce the service in other dispensaries around the country. As soon as the drug appears in more points - we will inform about it.

The drug is currently available at MAK pharmacy in Wroclaw at 27 Szczytnicka St. However, it is possible to deliver the drug to larger cities across the country, to learn more visit