ICBC Berlin 2022 coming this week


ICBC Berlin 2022 coming this week

ICBC 2022 Berlin starts tomorrow! The International Cannabis Business Conference is the largest and most important hemp conference in the world. The event is always a reflection of what's currently happening in the cannabis industry, but also shows the industry trends for the months and years to come. On the conference side, ICBC Berlin 2022 will, as usual, have a strong focus on the current situation in Germany and Europe in relation to the legalization announced by the German government. The conferences will be opened by, among others, the German Commissioner for Drug Policy and Georg Wurth - President of the German Cannabis Association (DHV). Here is more information.

ICBC Berlin 2022, 19-20.07.2022

The International Cannabis Business Conference is the world's largest business conference for the global but also local cannabis market. Held several times a year in different cities around the world, this week ICBC will once again come to Berlin. The hemp business community will come together on July 19 and 20 to discuss the near future of hemp, get a glimpse of what one of the more than hundreds of hemp companies appearing from around the world has to offer, and listen to amazing panels and lectures also from hemp industry representatives from around the world.

Momentum - this word captures the difference between ICBC and other hemp conferences. It is the only opportunity to meet representatives of the hemp industry from more than eighty countries in one place at one time! That is why we have been regular guests there for some time.

We want to provide participants with excellent face-to-face networking opportunities. ICBC is a forum focused on sharing knowledge and experiences on the use of the plant

-says Alex Rogers, founder of ICBC

On 19.07 at 9 a.m. the event will open with, among other things, a lecture by German Drug Commissioner Burkhard Blienert. The title of the speech is
"Creating Historic Cannabis Rules in Germany," and as you can easily guess there will be a talk on legal changes regarding cannabis in our western neighbors.

Peter Homberg will then give a talk titled "Five Years of the Medical Cannabis Law: The German Way.
Assessing the current state of cannabis policy and industry in Germany"

Another highlight of the event after 10 a.m. will be a panel titled: "Reform Needs in German Cannabis Policy.
Creating sensible rules for medical cannabis, recreational cannabis and stimulus regulation."

And a little after 11 a.m. there will be a panel titled "Legalization of hemp in Germany. How to prepare for a completely new market."

As you can see from the schedule of scheduled speeches - cannabis legalization in Germany is the leading topic of ICBC Berlin 2022, and no wonder. German legalization could influence cannabis policy throughout the European Union, and we hope it will.

Of course, the conference will also cover other topics such as the future of medical cannabis in Europe, considering the pros and cons of the European cannabis market for investors, the challenges of global product standardization, supply chain issues and many other interesting and expert topics from the cannabis market.

But ICBC Berlin 2022 isn't just about conferences of experts from around the world - it's also part of a typical trade show. This year there will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the offer of more than a hundred companies from all over the world. Last year was strongly dominated by the trend for large-scale indoor cannabis production and everything related to this sector. In my opinion, this trend will continue this year as well, and whether it will - you will see in our coverage of the event. It is worth mentioning that at this year's ICBC Berlin, the trade fair zone is definitely larger than at previous editions.

All detailed information and tickets can be found T U T A J.