Hemp and cannabis in the kitchen - Hemp online cooking workshop on May 22


Hemp and cannabis in the kitchen - Hemp online cooking workshop on May 22

"Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen" is a culinary workshop to be held as an online event on May 22. The event is an excellent opportunity to learn the secrets of dishes with hemp products such as seeds or hemp flour, but especially homemade preparations from hemp inflorescences, rich in THC and CBD. Participants will prepare, among other things, homemade hemp butter and dishes with it, learn how to prepare vegan dairy from hemp seeds, and learn a lot about the dosage and properties of hemp products. The workshop will be led by Gosia Szakuła, author of the book "Hemp and Cannabis in the Kitchen", who runs a blog about the use of hemp in the kitchen - Smiling Spoon.

Hemp and cannabis in the kitchen - Hemp online cooking workshop on May 22

We would like to invite all of our readers to a hemp-themed cooking workshop, which will be held already on May 22 in the form of an online event, so that anyone from any place on earth where there is Internet and access to a kitchen can participate. Responsible for the whole thing is Malgorzata Szakuła - author of a hemp cookbook containing recipes for dishes with fiber hemp (CBD) and cannabis, and author of the hemp-culinary blog Smiling Spoon, who has been perfecting her hemp recipes for years. This is not the first hemp cuisine workshops conducted by Gosia, so far they have been held in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakow and Kurozwêki, among others.

Workshop schedule

The main theme of the training will be the use of various parts of hemp in cooking, starting with the seeds, which are used to make oil, flour or protein, through the leaves, stems and finally the inflorescences. During the workshop, participants will prepare the following dishes:

⦁ CBD /THC infused hemp butter (a.k.a. hemp seed / cannabis flower extract).
⦁ pasta with hemp pesto, asparagus, cherry tomatoes with hemp butter infused CBD / THC
⦁ hemp pralines with CBD / THC infused hemp butter.
⦁ hemp milk and hemp curd
⦁ gluten-free cookies with hemp flour, tahini and nuts
⦁ buckwheat blintzes with vegan salmon, capers and a creamy hemp seed dip

The practical part will be preceded by a theoretical introduction about the Cannabis sativa L. plant, hemp products and their properties, as well as how to combine hemp with other ingredients, how to process and dose it safely.

Thanks to the support of Polish hemp producers, participants will receive unique hemp gifts in the price of the workshop, such as high-quality dried CBD from Freedom Farms or hemp seeds, hemp protein, hemp flour and hemp teas from dobrekonopie.pl

Legality of hemp products and foods with their content

In accordance with the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction of July 29, 2005, in Poland we can legally cultivate and market fibrous hemp, i.e. seed hemp, which has less than 0.2% THC. Products derived from them are free of psychoactive effects and legal in Poland, so we can use them in the kitchen. In the case of non-fiber hemp, such as cannabis, the law only allows medical use. THC-rich dried medical marijuana is available by prescription at pharmacies only for medical patients. Those who have patient status and possess the medical raw material will be able to use it at the workshop to prepare a legal, homemade cannabis extract (THC infused cannabis butter).

For registration and more information about the workshop, see T U T A J.