WeedTaxi - a hemp franchise unlike any other


WeedTaxi - a hemp franchise unlike any other

Why is WeedTaxi a hemp franchise unlike any other? Franchise business is quite a popular way of doing business in recent years, mainly because it does not require you to create your own business from scratch. The downside of such an arrangement is dependence on the franchisor, who decides, for example, what products you can sell and at what price. Also imposed are such things as sources of stocking or how to decorate, for example, a store or point. Franchise networks also operate from the cannabis industry, one of them - WeedTaxi - however, offers a completely different way of doing business, which imposes almost nothing on the entrepreneur giving a lot of freedom, while retaining the benefits of franchising such as advertising and know-how.

WeedTaxi - a hemp franchise unlike any other

Franchising is a form of business involving cooperation between independent entrepreneurs. The franchisor provides its "know-how" and brand, provides advertising and merchandising, and in return takes a fee from the franchisee, who can benefit from a proven business idea. The biggest downside of most franchises is that the person (franchisee) running the store, for example, is dependent on the franchisor for many things. Prices, opening hours, scope of business and types of products, promotions, arrangement of goods - these and many other issues are imposed top-down and the person running the franchise outlet has no influence on them having to adjust. This is exactly how classic franchises function in the cannabis industry.

There is one exception. WeedTaxi is a hemp franchise unlike any other. Why? Here's what the creators of WeedTaxi say about their business idea:

What is our innovation? We don't rent anything to you. As part of the franchise fee, you acquire "on your own" the business area you are interested in. You become its full owner as a branch of WeedTaxi. And since it's your branch, you determine the hours of operation and commuting costs outside Zone I (all cities with more than 60,000 inhabitants). The contract with us does not require renewals and surcharges later in the operation, and the only fee is the cost of a monthly subscription of several hundred zlotys, depending on the size of the managed area. With this fee, we maintain Our system, develop the software and do marketing for the entire brand.

Under our franchise, you are not obliged to purchase goods at an inflated price from the franchisor, you do not have to purchase goods from us at all! You can do it on your own, from your own sources, maintaining the brand's standards on product quality. Instead, you get everything we know about making what we're good at even better.

With a WeedTaxi franchise, you are the one who decides on the margin, the cost of getting there, the cost of your services - without any additional commission from the head office.

You get a written guarantee of exclusivity in your area. No one from the neighboring branch will disturb you, you are at your own place, you set the boundaries.

Establishing cooperation with us, you have to invest not only money, but also time. It's time to fully explore your territory within the framework of not only WeedTaxi mobile store, but also WeedParty as a mobile rental store or the option of WeedHurt, i.e. B2B distribution of goods - as you can see, there are a lot of possibilities.

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