Want to be a cannabis connoisseur?


Want to be a cannabis connoisseur?

Until recently, quacks evaluated the taste and aroma of coffee, dry and expensive spirits like wine and whiskey. Legal cannabis companies are reporting a demand for employees who know everything about cannabis. To meet the demand some companies e.g. Cultivating Spirits and Trichome Institute offer courses on how to recognize marijuana species.

A few words about the compounds in marijuana

Undoubtedly, the first association with marijuana remains the psychoactive substance THC and the CBD used in the production of medicines. In addition to the above-mentioned compounds, cannabis also has numerous terpenes and flavonoids, which are responsible for the aroma of the plant. In addition to the aroma, these compounds also contribute to the flavor of the dried product.

Testing cannabis - what does a taster's job look like?

Russ Hudson the founder of MarijuanaGames.org is probably the first professional cannabis taster. He publishes his reviews on his website and various clubs come forward to evaluate the product he offers. Russ' tasting business is based in Spain, where cannabis prohibition has long been lifted. Russ emphasizes that this is a job that requires a highly developed sense of taste, smell, and a creative approach to evaluating a particular strain. When tasting, Russ evaluates 6 aspects: appearance, aroma, flavor, effect, and duration. Each of these remains equally important and significantly influences the final evaluation. The above example confirms that investing in courses that offer cannabis tasting knowledge is an opportunity for an unconventional and above all profitable profession. Let's leave Russ behind and take a look at what tasting training companies offer.

Cultivating Spirits - become a cannabis handler

Peter Wolf - the founder of Cultivating Spirits has divided the offered cannabis kipper course into two parts. The first part is called "The scientific art of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control and variety type designation". In the first course, students learn the skills to identify and evaluate shrubs based on their structure and special characteristics. Professional evaluation has long existed in the black market for cannabis. Through his work, Peter aims to develop a skilled workforce that works in legitimate businesses. In further classes, students receive knowledge in top pruning, pest control, mold, and other bush care activities. Students are able to tell if a plant is indica or sativa by smelling it.

Interested in marijuana? Apply!

Any cannabis enthusiast can register for an interesting course about their favorite stimulant. Regardless of your initial skill level, the course provides a solid dose of knowledge in identifying marijuana plants and caring for them. In the United States, where more and more states are legalizing marijuana, this course is a valuable asset in the job market. In the United States, where more and more states are legalizing marijuana, this course is a valuable asset to the job market.